The purpose for the creations of Alex Pall

Alex Pall whose birth name is Alexander Pall was born in the year 1985. He was raised by his mother and father who was an artist. He studied up to the level of a master’s degree which he attained in the year 2007. He then joined the music industry as a disc Jockey with his partner Andrew Taggart. His venture in the music industry started to bear fruit in the year 2012.


Apart from being a disc jockey, he is a song composer. He composed lyrics for the ‘closer’ song which featured Hasley and The Chainsmokers. Apart from music, he is also an actor. A balance of all the things he does shows that he is generally an artist.


When composing music, according to him, he concentrates on what is going on in the society. This increases the relevance of his music. Apart from that, he also puts into consideration the aspect of timelessness. He wants people to enjoy their music at whatever age they are. That is why for him it feels like such a gr5eat achievement when his fans’ base ranges from little children to even the old in society.


From his social media profiles, it is evident that he appreciates family a lot. On his Instagram, he recently posted a picture of his sister and made a very flattering comment. There are also very many posts of his family moments. This goes on to prove that he is very sentimental.


The Chainsmokers is one of the greatest achievements he has made in his life. According to him, they have grown to an extent that he did not even imagine at any point in life. What has placed them afloat is the fact that they have tried their best to be adventurous. They keep trying out new things. Mostly, these turn out to favor the changing tastes and preferences of their fans.


He is very sentimental. This is reflected even by his ambitions and reasons for creating music. He does not only aim at entertaining, he aims at assisting people to check and rediscover themselves as well.