Bob Reina’s Inspirational Story & Drive

A recent interview was done by with Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. They asked him how he started his company, and what inspired him to start Talk Fusion. He responded that he was a police officer for more than a decade, and he felt like many others limited with his paycheck and time. Thus, he was looking for something better. One day, while directing traffic while off-duty, a man introduced him to the networking industry which led him to his company after various failures and until he encountered difficulty emailing a short video clip to his family. From that point on, he developed the idea that led to Talk Fusion. also asked how he makes money. He said that his success comes from the success of others. Reina was then asked how long it took for him to become profitable. He said that it took a while when first starting out in network marketing, but he gain quick profits when he began Talk Fusion. Another question asked if he ever had any doubts, and how did he handle it. Reina said that once he saw the potential he never doubted. Then asked him how he got his first customer. He said by developing a game-changing product for his company and spreading the excitement of the product. Other questions included other successful marketing strategies, besides referrals, used, the toughest decision made in the last few months, what makes him successful, his most satisfying moment in business, the future of his company, what he’s most excited about, the business books that inspired him, and a recent purchase he made that benefits his company. Reina responded as follows: The power of video and development are the other successful marketing strategies. The recent toughest decision was choosing which new project to start first, and as a backup. Also, he said that the power of a dream is what makes him successful. With it, he kept persevering even through trial and error. His most satisfying business moments include assisting others to achieve their dreams and giving charity donations. Also, what the future holds and what is most exciting include them currently working on huge innovations and developing Talk Fusion University. This university will be an educational platform that is free and will assist their associates to grow their business. And lastly, Reina stated state there are many excellent books, but inspiration comes from the people he meets, and he doesn’t recall any recent, beneficial purchase, but the investing of his employees.


About Bob Reina


Bob Reina is Talk Fusion’s founder and CEO. Talk Fusion is the first, global, all-in-one, video marketing solution. Before launching his company, Reina was a police officer for Tampa Bay.


Reina and his business also give generously to the unfortunate. They have worked and gave tirelessly to different global and local causes. Some of their philanthropic efforts include pledging over $1 million for the welfare of companion animals within/near the Tampa Bay area, and giving relief to Japan’s tsunami victims.

Some Of The Career Successes Of Lori Senecal In The Advertising World

As the Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Lori Senecal says that a large part of her success can be credited to her childhood. She says that seeing her older siblings attain success motivated her to achieve the same results. She went on to earn a degree in sales and marketing. A Canadian citizen, she soon moved to New York City and entered the world of advertising. She has developed into a very effective leader that is able to bring out the best qualities in those she works with.

In 2003 Lori Senecal became an entrepreneur when she launched a new ad agency, TAG Ideation. This company focused on young adults and developed advertising campaigns meant to appeal to them and capture their attention. Her skills at advertising products have been used by a large variety of companies. Among these companies are Microsoft, Staples, Sprint, Nabisco, Applebee’s, and Weight Watcher. For a period of time she also worked for Coca Cola as their Global Account Director. She eventually landed at DDB Worldwide Communications Group, Inc. and served as this ad agency’s Chief Marketing Officer. Check out Adweek to know more.

For two years Senecal was the Chief Executive Officer and Director of another advertising agency, MDC Partners. It was in March of 2015 that she joined Crispin Porter + Bogusky. She has led the company’s international marketing groups where she leads the effort to increase its global expansion efforts. She has been instrumental in creating an innovative environment that remains both collaborative and agile despite its size. Her work led to Advertising Age named her in 2017 one of their, “Creativity Innovators of the Year”. Visit Forbes for more info.

Over the course of her career, Lori Senecal has received other accolades. She was also named in 2016 by Advertising Age as an “Agency Executive to Watch”, one of only four executives in the industry to be so named. Another publication in the advertising industry, Fast Company, also honored her by placing her on their list of the, “Most Creative People in Business”.

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Sawyer Howitt Gives Tips To Young Entrepreneurs

     Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur who wrote a great article providing a list of things a young entrepreneur should know. The first tip to young entrepreneurs was to just start your business and don’t wait for the right moment to do it. Howitt mentioned that the right time to launch a business is the present time, unless there’s a major legal hurdle that has to be jumped.

The second tip was to hire the right employees and keep them happy. One example he gave is if you want to hire laid-back employees that create a zany culture, then you probably don’t want to hire hyper-professional kinds of people. He also said you want to reward workers’ achievements because happy workers work harder.

Howitt’s third tip was to remain focus because distraction only destroys would-be entrepreneurs. His other tip was to mind the numbers. He mentioned how all businesses are riddled with numbers and they need to be paid attention to.

His last tip to young entrepreneurs was to either work on their people skills or find a partner who is sociable. This is because there is a lot of talking with strangers involved with being a businessperson. He advises people to find someone who has people skills if they don’t have them themselves.

About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is a project manager at Meriwether Group. Sawyer is currently a senior in high school. His focused is mainly on finance and efforts on business.

Howitt has also taken part in various philanthropic courses. He is known for championing for mentoring youths, as well as for fighting for women’s rights. He has also been involved in leading an ethnic study group.

Howitt is serious about furthering his career as a businessperson, which is why he will be attending the University of California in the near future. He’ll be attending the Berkeley campus. He plans on graduating from the school’s Entrepreneurial Finance program. His father is an established entrepreneur, and he has learnt a lot from him. Not only that, but he has also been learning a lot from others in the Meriwether Group, as well as the people they help build their own companies.

It is fair to say that Howitt has a bright future as an entrepreneur and he knows a lot about being a young businessperson. It is also evident that he is passionate about helping others succeed.

For more, please see Better Your Business Skills By Sawyer Howitt.

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Additions for the Playoffs

With fantasy baseball there can be no rhyme or reason why some players succeed and others fall short. Thankfully the season is long and rigorous and there are plenty of opportunities to fill out your MLB lineups with someone decent. Today we are signaling the Fantasy Alarm for a few key waiver wire additions as the season winds down to a close. These players could be the difference in your playoff run.


Slugger Watch List

Every team could use with another slugger in their line up. Here are a pair of big hitters to add to your roster for the home stretch.


Rhys Hoskins, 1B – Philadelphia Phillies.

Rhys Hoskins is one of the most exciting young prospects on the Philadelphia roster and he is going to get plenty of run as the season progresses. Hoskins has elite power at the plate and he can actually get on base at a decent rate, otherwise. He’s more than a two outcome player and should be snatched up immediately.


Kennys Vargas, 1B – Minnesota Twins

Minnesota is fighting for a spot in the AL Central and they’ll need some power from the middle of the order to secure it. Kennys Vargas has a ton of power at the plate but he does strike out a fair clip.


Pitcher Watch List

Jose Urena, SP – Miami Marlins

Miami doesn’t have many pitching prospects but Urena is a good one. Urena has three pitches in his arsenal and an elite fastball. He’ll rack up Ks as the season comes to a close.


Luis Perdomo, SP – San Diego Padres

Luis Perdomo gives San Diego some hope on the rubber. He’s a solid innings eater with a lot to like toward the back end of the season. Perdomo won’t wow you but he’s consistent enough to roster.

National Steel Car: Changing the Canadian Rail Roads

The National Steel Car is the largest manufacturer of rolling stocks in Canada. The 105-year-old company has a rich history, from their humble beginnings to their continuous rise in the modern world. Gregory James Aziz is the current chairman and chief executive officer of the company, and he contributed a lot for the National Steel Car to bounce back from several downfalls that the company experienced throughout the company’s lifetime.


In June 1912, six prominent citizens of the city of Hamilton, Ontario and its lieutenant governor, Sir John Gibson, founded the Imperial Car Company. This company would change its name as the National Steel Car just a month later, and soon after the name has been modified, the construction of the factory commences. The plant was completed in just three months, and the production of rolling stocks began. The company initially created the first freight cars made of wood and steel, and they were introduced to the public shortly after. Investors have seen the potential of the company after they saw the National Steel Car’s products, and they invested their wealth knowing that the firm will go places. Two years after their establishment, more than 1,500 people are working for the National Steel Car, and as the First World War began, the company decided to join the war effort and had their employees enlist to become soldiers for the war. After the First World War, the National Steel Car began manufacturing motor trucks and steel chassis for different types of vehicles. They would have to divert their production because of the threat of the Great Depression, and the National Steel Car has seen a fair chance of survival if they will manufacture other types of products. Find More Info Here.


In 1939, the National Steel Car started producing reconnaissance airplanes, just in time for the Second World War. They also began producing guns, shells, army trucks, and other things used for combat. The Second World War has revitalized the revenue of the National Steel Car, and they started to bounce back from the losses they had during the Great Depression.


The National Steel Car would then be acquired by Dominion Foundries and Steel, also known as Dofasco, which is a Canadian steel manufacturing company. Due to the uncertainties in the industry during the early 1990s, Dofasco decided to sell the company, and Greg Aziz happily purchased them. Gregory J Aziz helped the company to recover, and he transformed the struggling company into one of the most stable businesses in North America.

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Check out this List and Make the Best Option on the Waiver Wire Today!

The long awaited list is finally out! You can now check out the list and get to see the best player, on whose back we can rest out weight while getting to pick the best option for the must start status. This exhaustive list is one of a kind as it is composed of finer details about various players and what to expect of them. For more details about the impending MLB Lineups, visit


  • Luis Perdomo, P, Padres


He has been strong and sturdy during his past week, and more is still expected of him. With great improvement since April 7, Luis is expected to garner even more wins, owing to his great strikeout rates which stand at 7.94 K/9.


  • Ben Gamel, OF, Mariners


Anyone interested in Gamel should know that this player is untouchable. He has come back really hot since the injury of Mitch Hanniger. He has the great battling capability which is rated at 0.3773. Owing to his great improvement, Gamel has seen an increase of 16 percent in his ownership.


  • Rhys Hoskins, 1B, Padres


Now, this is one player to be careful with. He is considered a major threat to several international leagues, and his potential is always on the rise. Currently, he has 11 percent ownership, and he has lots of power in him.


  • Ryan Schimpf, 2B, Padres


This one has an excellent performance and at a cost that most people are not yet to pay for. He is good, and that explains the 24 percent of the ownership. Ryan Schimpf has a batting average of 31.7 percent.


Most of these players and much more are awesome at what they do. As earlier mentioned, you can access more information by visiting for MLB Lineups.


The story of Gregory James Aziz, the success of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz, who currently is working with the National Steel Car as a Chief Executive Officer as well as the chairman of the company’s board of directors was born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario. Aziz went to Ridley College then proceeded to the University of Western Ontario from where he did in Economics.

After he graduated, Gregory J Aziz worked in a family’s food processing firm before he relocated later to the city of New York. In New York City, he worked with different banking and investment firms. During his time in New York, James Aziz started to chase for the acquisition of the National Steel Car from Dofasco. Greg J Aziz was able to help his family business expand to not only North America region, but to other countries. They were able to import fresh foods from other regions such as South America, Central America, and even Europe.


In the year 1994, Greg Aziz bought the National Steel Car, which is located in Hamilton, Ontario. After buying it, he then began to transform this great Canadian company into one of the world’s leading railroad freight car manufacturing company. In a few years from when National Steel Car was purchased from Dofasco, (the former owner of National Steel Car) the company managed to grow enormously expanding its manufacturing capacity. Between 1994 and 1999, the company production grew from 12,000 cars from approximately 3,500 cars.


The success of Gregory James Aziz at National Steel Car has become a reality due to him putting a lot of emphasis on teambuilding, strong engineering development as well as capital investment. The excellent cooperation that exists between his employees and the management has played a big role in the company growing it labor forces from about 600 to nearly 3,000 in less than a decade from the date Greg Aziz acquired it from Dofasco in 1994. See This Article for additional info.


Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the National Steel Car has been able to outdo all its competitors for several years. In North America, the company leads in producing the most quality cars and innovation of new cars. It is due to Greg’s dedication that National Steel Car has managed to win the TTX SECO and ISO 90001:2008 awards for the last eighteen years. Greg Aziz knowledge and experience in the manufacturing industry have been facilitated by the successful operation of this company.

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How Gregory Aziz Has Built a Manufacturing Empire

A company that boasts more than a century of excellence in manufacturing and engineering with a focus on quality, National Steel Car has slowly earned a well-deserved reputation as the top railroad car manufacturer in North America. The cornerstone of the company’s astounding success is the outstanding group of people who work there, led by chairman and CEO Gregory J Aziz. The firm’s employees take great pride in what they have managed to achieve together, making the company more diverse, values-driven, dynamic and innovative than before.


Founded From Humble Roots

In 1912, alongside other prominent entrepreneurs drawn from across Ontario, Sir John Gibson, who was then the Lieutenant-Governor, founded the Imperial Car Company, which was renamed the National Steel Car Company one month later. Since the first freight cars rolled off the company’s production line a century ago, National Steel Car has grown from strength to strength to become the leading manufacturer or railroad cars in North America. The company is proud of its history. James Aziz has continued the National Steel Founder’s vision of leadership in manufacturing to ensure that it is the only railcar company in North America to achieve the ISO 9001:2008 certification as well as the TTX SECO award for more than ten years.


Despite its proud heritage, the company does not rest on its laurels. It has continued to maintain its leadership position in the engineering, design, and manufacture of railroad cars through hard work and listening to the voices of its customers. Because of their support and the valued relationships that the company has built with its suppliers, the 2,000-strong team at National Steel Car places a premium on quality. Get More Information Here.


About Greg Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is the President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. The company is located in Hamilton, Ontario, and it is one of the leading manufacturers of railroad freight cars. Gregory is a native of Ontario, born on April 30, 1949. Gregory James Aziz studied at Ridley College then he later majored in economics at the University of Western Ontario. Greg Aziz started his long and distinguished career working for his family’s wholesale food business. Gregory James Aziz later took on some investment banking positions in New York during the 1980s and 1990s. Aziz played an integral part of the deal that culminated in the acquisition of National Steel Car from Dofasco.

JHSF and Its José Auriemo Neto

JHSF – Scholarship and More

Listen up, potential undergraduates: The JHSF 2018 Urali Cristo Scholarship is now making its way to many schools for the very first year. It offers those who never learned English a chance to go to school while doing so; the amount that it offers is based solely on migrant status and family background, but you can easily receive anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 per semester with no additional fees, essays to write or dues. Simply apply online at to find out more; all your questions may be answered by an online chat representative during business hours.

We have already signed contracts to give this scholarship away for this next five years; thus, if you do not make the cut this year, do not worry. We will retain your previous year’s application on file and advance you in the waitlist process. Simply apply the following year and hope for the best. You may view the full eligibility requirements at for more details.

JHSF President – A Cool Fact

Did you know that JHSF CEO, José Auriemo Neto, once “almost” owned the Orlando Magic Team? In fact, many even consider this special period in time to have been one of the most exclusively memorable in the history of the time altogether. Not only were those “golden years” a time of great renown and remarkable achievements in the history of NBA basketball, but they were also stepping stones into greater things. Of course, after many years of hard devotion from within, Dick DeVos – the official owner at the time – finally passed his business on to other, more capable hands – people better suited for the needs of the team at the time.

Don’t worry, José, there will be other opportunities. Through such, buyers may also benefit from managing cash flow better and paying lower down payments as a result. However, according to you, funds in escrow accounts may not secure any installment agreement; these funds must come from your buyer at a later date. You are most wise, and that’s why you’re JHSF’s CEO.

Learn more about JHSF:,2569bece0926c98e744a2a33f832e9b29q70uydw.html

Corpse Plant Set to Bloom

An amorphophallus titanum plant, popularly known as the corpse plant, is being held at the Orange Coast College in the state of California. The plant, named Little Dougie, has been at Orange Coast since 2006. Officials at the college state that it is likely to bloom soon. The corpse plant comes from Sumatra, an Indonesian island in the pacific ocean. It gets name from the putrid smell that wreaks out when pollinated and blooming. People claim that it has the smell of a rotting body. The corpse plant weighs over 30 pounds, and can grow over 200 pounds. It is currently over five feet tall.


The Orange Coast College expects that the blooming will bring in a pretty large crowd. People from all over California are predicted to come, just to smell how bad it is. In 2014, another corpse plant brought in over 1,000 people. The College is currently encouraging all visitors to donate three dollars to help maintain the plant and keep it healthy. For people who do not want to come in contact with the plant and its unsettling smell, are offered a webcam viewing of the plant on the college website. It said by the college to be a rare event, since an amorphophallus titanum blooms only every four to five years.


The Orange Coast College is a community college in Orange County, California. It was established in 1947 ,after a local vote was taken for the development of a junior college in the Orange County area. The college provides affordable education for many different trades. As of now, it is the third largest college in Orange County.


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