The Inspirational Rise of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is one among the few alumni of Princeton University who have made it in the investment and finance industry emerging in the list of the top 400 world’s richest billionaires produced by Forbes. At Princeton, Peter obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, which he later advanced at the School of Business of Wharton in the University of Pennsylvania. This was a very great opportunity which he utilized to equip himself with sufficient proficiency expertise that he could use to improve the welfare and performance of different organizations that he could later work for as an employee.

After the college and acquiring his MBA, Peter Briger was employed by Goldman Sachs where he was responsible for the management of investments and operations of the company at various levels. He was involved in the operational roles of the company where he was responsible for the management of the organization’s portfolio which he managed on behalf of its clients who it values greatly. Peter worked tenaciously and the top management of the company recognized his tremendous input to the company. Amid this, he was promoted to the top management levels where he was involved in the critical decision making of the organization.

While still at the company, Peter Briger went on to advance his expertise by enrolling in investment related courses that made him more apt at the management of distressed assets and hedge funds. It was during this time when the board of directors of Fortress Investment Group happened to have the intention of transforming the organization from being a private equity firm and make it an alternative asset management company. They invited Briger to join the company as a Co. CEO, who would head the credit and hedge fund section of the business. Peter Briger accepted the offer and joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002.

One thing that makes Peter Briger outstanding among all the other billionaires is his philanthropic attitude. He has a very strong belief in the eradication of poverty in the society. Due to this, he engages in activities that are geared towards this objective. These includes providing education for the underprivileged children in the community.

José Auriemo Neto Knows How to Run a Successful Business

As a developer, José Auriemo Neto knows he needs to make sure he’s helping other people with the issues they have with real estate. He also knows that working as a real estate developer is not always the easy job, but he can do a lot to make it better. He has a lot of experience with the real estate development industry in Brazil and uses that to his advantage. For José Auriemo Neto, the point of doing all this is making sure he knows how to help people and see the positive experiences that come from everything he does. It’s his goal to keep showing people what they can get from the industry and how they can make sure they’re doing everything the right way. José Auriemo Neto believes in his experience as a result of the things he does to make everything better.

There are things that make it easier for José Auriemo Neto to do his job. Since he runs JHSF, he knows there are things that will make it easier for him to do the right thing for his business. He believes in the power of helping people and of giving back in different situations. It’s his goal to give people the development solutions they need. When he comes up with new ideas, he can then use them to help his clients with their real estate needs.

Since there are so many different things that go into real estate development, José Auriemo Neto knows what he needs to do. He isn’t afraid to show people how they can make the right decisions for the industry. He believes in the help he can provide and that’s something that allows him the chance to keep doing everything the right way. For this reason, José Auriemo Neto and JHSF were both asked to develop an executive airport. By doing that, he made his career even better. It helped him show people he was making everything the best it could be instead of worrying about what he could do to make a difference in the industry. For José Auriemo Neto, the point of all this was to create more success on his own.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Uses Negative Experiences to Motivate Her

Women’s Health recently published Lottie Dalziel’s article “How Bumble Founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd Turned Negatives Into Motivation”. The article reveals how the CEO and Founder of the popular dating app, Bumble, helped Wolfe’s meteoric rise as a champion of women and a leader in the technology industry.

In early 2018, Bumble moved from being a dating app to acting as a full-fledged social media platform where people can network, discover mentors, and make friends. The app gained more than 29 million users and has a valuation of nearly $1 billion. See more articles about Whitney Wolfe at

The CEO revealed that negatives can become motivation with the right mindset. She experienced how cruel abuse and bullying can be in 2014 and she also filed a sexual harassment case against Tinder, her previous company. However, she recognized that it was an opportunity to create a safe space for women to date and to rebel against the patriarchal structures of dating.

Whitney Wolfe is also ceaselessly growing. She became aware of her own biases, even though they were often unconscious, particularly around gender norms. By learning more and researching, she understood how artificial the gender norms can be, helping her regain her sense of self and confidence. Wolfe also indicates that it is important for people to look after themselves. This can be through meditation, exercise, relaxation, or other forms of rejuvenation. The downtime allows people to perform at their best.

Wolfe was also recently featured in Mike Fleming’s Deadline article titled “Bumble Founder/CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd Joins Imagine Entertainment”. The article reveals that the CEO has recently joined Tom Freston and Richard Rosenblatt on the board of Imagine Entertainment. The company is seeking to expand its branding into the documentary sphere with their recent launch of Imagine Documentaries. They wanted to bring on the Bumble CEO because she has created an empowered community as well as a global company. They hope that she will bring a fresh perspective to the value of story-telling and human connection that Imagine Entertainment prizes.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was also named one of Time Magazine’s top 100 Most Influential People. She is excited to work with Imagine because they have set the standard in the cinematic industry.

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Robert Deignan: Digitally Bridging the Gap Between Consumer and Technological Support

Upon doing a thorough lifestyle analysis, it can be justifiably assumed that Robert Deignan is an individual who attained prosperity by firmly committing himself to the idealism of entrepreneurship and planting seeds for success. Although born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Robert Deignan had the wonderful opportunity to extend his education via an acceptance of a full football scholarship to Purdue University located in Lafayette, Indiana. After completing his studies, Deignan graduated from Purdue University with a degree in organizational leadership—a degree that would prove to be most in sync with his future endeavors. However, following receipt of his college degree, he continued to fulfill his passion for the sport of football and briefly played for both the NY Jets and Miami Dolphins between 1997 and 1998.

After playing for the two teams, it was then that he decided to further himself through the accomplishment of entrepreneurial roles.

Like most other entrepreneurs, Robert Deignan was able to establish himself as a corporate leader because he ventured out in life with a business mindset that not only enabled him to foresee critical solutions, but it forced him to pursue them as well. Relatively speaking, he pursued and acquired a list of achievements. For nine years, he serviced as an Executive Vice President for iS3, Inc (computer software company). He co-founded Fanlink, LLC in 1998, manages land development as member of the Advisory Board for White Oak Partners, LLC, and serves as both Senior Counsel and Partner of Baker and McKenzie. As of today, Robert Deignan’s field of expertise lies within the IT industry as the co-founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services.

After encountering the issue concerning the unsuccessful execution of technical support that impacted the customer service system on a global scale, Deignan sought to counteract the problem through creative solutions in his establishment of ATS Digital Services. Founded in August 2011, ATS Digital Services, LLC is a company based out of Boca Raton, Florida that was created upon the vision of filling the reliable technical support void that existed within the consumer realm by providing premier digital support via phone with the assistance of certified technicians. Moreover, in having reached heights to become a premier digital support company, Deignan assured that his company would use cutting edge software and tools to guarantee fast, yet adequate troubleshooting resolutions for all technical concerns regarding the usage and applications of computer, tablet, and mobile devices.

Rocketship Education Delivers Results to Low-Income Students

Rocketship Public Schools is a non-profit group of schools whose headquarters are inRedwood City in California. Rocketship was started in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner. The organization’s first school was established at San Jose California in 2007. At its flagship, the school produced high scores in California’s State Assessment which earned the school praise as an innovative option for low-income students. Due to this reason, Rocketship school gradually expanded, opening six more charter schools in San Jose within five years. In 2013, Smith became the School’s, Chief Executive Officer. In 2013, Rocketship Schools opened a school in Wisconsin. In 2004, the School broadened its network to Nashville, Tennesse. In 2016, Rocketship found the way to its fourth region, Washington D.C, a school that offers preschool. Former tennis pro called Andrea Agassi pumped a lot of funds into the Rocketship Schools which helped the School open a school in Colombia. The schools have received donations from Reed Hastings and Obama administration.

Rocketship Schools applies a hybrid model of learning, individualizing online learning and classroom teaching as well as tutoring of small groups. Rocketship Schools as well adopt the individualized model to work with individual need students. Rocketship School uses standard tests to ensure their students match with a student in similar backgrounds in district schools concerning proficiency. In conjunction with Team America, Rocketship Schools offers teaching jobs to college graduates. Rocketship education majors with students from the low quality of life thus eliminating the achievement gap. In 2016-1017, the school admitted 86 % low-income students. Rocketship school has a program of girls’ empowerment.

Rocketship Public Schools believe in the infinite possibility of potentials in human. They, therefore, take the responsibility to unleash the potential inside every racketeer as a privilege. The Public School’s network propels the student to achieve, develops unique educators while partnering with parents to ensure a high-quality public school.

The performance of the Rocketship Schools outstands when compared to the production of other district schools’ performance as well as neighboring schools. In 2016, Rocketship Schools ranked in the top 10 % in mathematics and English language. Generally, Rocketship Schools test scores are always higher than their counterparts. Besides, students in Rocketship Schools depicts a high level of discipline, this being eminent in the lower suspension and expulsion rates compared to other schools. Regarding funding and budgeting, Rocketship Schools are transparent concerning overall funding sources.

Meet The Crypto Guru Ian King Doing What He Knows Best


He is renowned to be a fund manager and an expert in cryptocurrency matters as part of his career. His experience in Wall Street is traceable back to when he was in college when he started his journey by being an intern at Merrill Lynch around 1990s. Ian King realized that he had a great passion for trading which made him join mortgage bond trading division at Salomon Brothers’ after his college studies.

Ian King later moved to Citigroup where he was involved in credit derivatives and later at Peahi Capital as the Head Trader. In this hedge fund which is based in New York City, he performed excellently where his team made 339% return in the year 2008. It is in this company that he fully realized his joy whenever he saw investors making tangible returns. Learn more about Ian King at Crunchbase.

Ian King now wanted to develop himself too after developing others and this led him to discover cryptocurrency which blended very well with his passion for trading. With his great knowledge about cryptos over years, he moved to Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 as a cryptocurrency expert where he has helped thousands of readers in making the right decision.

In his recent release on the uncertainty that’s being created by the current trade war between the United States and China, Ian King projects some adverse effects on the market and traders. Though the two countries are doing it on strength basis, Donald Trump and his administration seem to start their efforts to cool the situation.

It is worth noting that the two countries have been benefiting from each other from their trade relations which have brought about low-interest rates and increased stock prices. If China decides to net-sell their Treasuries, they will have taken a very destructive step to themselves. If it unloads the United States Treasuries then a slowdown in the US economy is guaranteed which will spread globally.

China seems to be well braced for the trade war though they are ready for talks if Trump ceases the fight. The White House seems to soften by referring to the tariffs as fake news. The worst could happen to investors and the entire market if both countries decide to battle over but time will tell.

At Banyan Hill Publishing Ian King is a renowned editor of Crypto Profit Trader which is an investment advisory which lists various trends about cryptocurrency. He also contributes to Sovereign Investor Daily in which he contributes weekly. Visit:


Madison Street Capital and The Authenticated Expertise That It Offers For Napoleon Machine

Madison Street Capital (MDS) has always been assertive in sustaining its lead in business competition. It has not only been aggressive in the way it markets its consultancy services, but it’s also been strong in making sure that the clients it serves are both high-caliber and extremely valuable. In the recent article from PR Newswire, it is revealed that one of the new responsibilities that Madison Street Capital is holding right now would be the role of being a financial advisor for Napoleon Machine.



MSC has long been known for being an international banking company that helps clients with various financial services, but right now, the company’s expertise would be put to the test again as it helps manage the credit facility of Napoleon Machine. The advisory role of MSC had already helped previous clients and companies reach its target goals. With this new duty for Napoleon Machine, it would then be a good opportunity for MSC to better show its skills in helping more companies grow their assets.



Being the Exclusive Financial Advisor for the credit facility of Napoleon Machine means that it is the job of MSC to help Napoleon expand its services to more people and companies that need its products. MSC will help Napoleon increase their ability to meet customer demands and accelerate the trajectory of Napoleon’s sales growth in the coming years.



It’s also noteworthy to indicate here that MSC was really intensive in its attempt to listen to the company needs of Napoleon. Napoleon Machine President Kevin Febrey even went so far as to say that MSC really listened to the complete story of Napoleon’s needs and position the company in such a way that it can provide valuable help to the shareholders in the marketplace.



MSC showed that it is able to understand the capital-intensive element in the entire operations of Napoleon as well as offer the most creative solutions for the firm to access the credit and capital for it to multiply its production rate and sales growth. Napoleon Machine has already an ISO 9001:2008 certification in the field of manufacturing, including metal fabrication, light assembly, and other diverse mix of end-market clients and customers.



About Madison Street Capital



As featured by Terry Bradshaw in Today in America, Madison Street Capital has already built a name in providing financial solutions to solve tough problems that start-ups and established companies face, including gathering non-traditional capital funds.



MSC is a trusted company that educates, supports and helps various companies in emerging markets get the right and thorough understanding of the capital markets and other concepts that help clients get valuable solutions for their unique problems. Advisors from Madison Street Capital are also able to give the best knowledge that companies and prospective clients need to hear when starting or continuing a business.


The new face of Banco Bradesco; Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco

     Luiz Carlos was born and raised in Marilia. He got his first degree from the prestigious University of the Sao Paulo de Marilia. For his postgraduate education, he went to the University of Fundacao School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo. At 17, Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Banco Bradesco in 1968 as a mere clerk. He never imagined that one day he would be the CEO of one of the biggest private banks in Brazil. Even so, the CEO position was not given to him. Mr. Trabuco Bradesco needed to pull up his socks. He needed to impress to the top managerial staff that he shared a vision of making a client-driven organization.

Before filling in the part of CEO, Trabuco Bradesco served at different senior-level positions inside the bank. eg., managing director, department director, and even executive vice president. L Trabuco Bradesco amazed many people with his incredible leadership style. His main focus was on improving the bank’s inner efficiency, seeking natural development, and increasing its products and services.

After the Brazilian coup in 1960, the nation encountered a time of financial development, success, and low expansion. Trabuco Bradesco preyed on the issue of the economic growth and increased its branch workplaces through acquisitions. This incorporated securing of 17 banks all through Brazil and 105 branch workplaces of INCO-Banco in 1973 and 200 branch workplaces of Banco da Bahia in 1967.

In the current time, the financial institution has kept on developing to end up the third-biggest bank and also the second-biggest held business bank in Brazil. It works through a system of 5,314 branch offices and three worldwide branches (two in Grand Cayman and one New York).

Luiz Carlos Trabuco reformed Banco Bradesco’s communication when he built up an association with the financial press of Brazil. This act enhanced the bank’s awareness among customers in Brazil. The officials additionally built up a corporate college, Unibrad, that would enable the bank to do its main goal.

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Dr. Richard Shinto Wants More Affordable Healthcare Services

In today’s world affordable and quality healthcare can be hard to come by. That’s why InnovaCare Health was created. As a leading provider of managed health plans and physician services, InnovaCare Health focuses heavily on providing quality medical care plans to all of their patients. Driven by their mission to break the barriers that may restrict access to quality healthcare, the team continues to deliver proven results and patient-focused plans. As participants of the Healthcare Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN), the leadership team is committed to delivering plans and payment models that follow the motto of quality over quantity.


President and CEO, Dr. Richard Shinto, is confident that the leadership team at InnovaCare posses both the education and the experience necessary to help navigate the difficult road to achieving these goals. Working closely with the company’s Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, he hopes to help influence and ultimately redefine the U.S. healthcare system in its entirety. As a physician, Dr. Shinto understands the importance of access to quality care. With more than 20 years of experience in operational and clinical Health Care Solutions, Dr. Shinto is confident in his contributions to the continued success of InnovaCare and has fully committed himself to helping patients get the care they need.


Dr. Shinto received his medical degree at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He also holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Redlands. Prior to his position with InnovaCare Health Solutions, he was the Chief Executive Officer at North American Medical Management.


This year InnovaCare was proud to announce that Dr.Shinto was recognized by Modern Healthcare as one of 2018’s top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare. The award aims the recognize leaders of healthcare systems who work diligently to ensure that communities of color have equal access to quality healthcare. Dr.Shinto is also the proud recipient of the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. His commitment to quality care and his success as an entrepreneur has helped establish him as one of today’s most innovative leaders in Managed Health Care.


Paul Mampilly the Investor

Paul Mampilly who has for the longest time been known as the Wall Street hedge fund manager got his Masters in Business Administration from Fordham University. Working in different capacities in the financial sector, he has gained experience in the investing business with his role at Kinetics Asset big his big break growing the company assets to $25 billion. This life of making loads of money for the wealthy persons in the society was wearing on Paul Mampilly, and he chooses to take a less involving role working as a research and investment analyst. Through this position, he gets to teach individuals on how to invest their money in a bid to achieve financial freedom, in his newsletters Paul gives them sound advice and tips on investment. Visit to learn more.

Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2006 and launched a newsletter named the ‘Profits Unlimited,’ and since its inception, it has had 90,000 subscribers. The newsletter which is eight pages details new investment opportunities that Paul considers viable stock options for the investor he also includes a “model portfolio” which he tracks. Other than the profits unlimited segment Paul Mampilly also manages True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes which are trading services and writes a weekly column for Winning Investor Daily.

In an interview Paul Mampily talks about how he transitioned from Wall Street to Main Street, his intentions he says were informed by his intention to help the average American build their wealth by making the right investment decisions that would result in profits. In regards to investing in stocks, he explains that since the introduction of computers the system of managing funds has transferred from being managed by a human. Currently, the algorithms and data analysis is done by Artificial Intelligence in the networks. The other significant change that has taken place is the introduction of ‘Exchange Traded Funds’ also known as EFTs in place of mutual funds. These Efts have made it hard to track investments and analyze their performance in a portfolio.

Paul Mampilly says the most significant mistake people do when it comes to investing is picking one stock and spending all their funds in it which he says is a horrible idea because if it happens to be a wrong venture, you end up losing all your cash. The other mistake he says is when people stake a considerable amount into the investment without analyzing the market trends first.

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