NGP VAN gives the Technical Edge to the Democrats

Political parties in the fifties used a large workforce to identify and mobilize voters in the 1950s. They also used the radio and television for communication. Today, the scene has changed. Political parties are relying on advanced technology to establish and organize voters and ensure that they vote on election day.

Political parties today use voter database and web hosting companies to assist campaigns by connecting the voter and the campaign. NGP VAN is a Washington DC based company that assists the democratic campaign. The democrats have used the technology provided by the company both for the election and re-election of President Obama in 2008 and 2012. The company was founded in 1997 and has provided valuable tools to assist democratic campaigns since.

Communication is the key for a successful political campaign. Voters use the internet and mobile devices for communication and to access information. NGP VAN provides the required software to keep voters informed at all stages of the campaign. Their mobile app Pollwatcher was a key factor in the success of the Obama Campaign. The success of the campaign proved that if a political party has a technological edge, it has a better chance of accomplishing its goals.


NGP VAN is constantly striving to give democrats tools in the form of canvassing apps and by designing technology assisted campaign strategies. Tools provided by the company include a campaign data tool for data analysis by campaign organizers, a platform to enable donors to donate funds to the party easily and a tool to help volunteers canvass for the party effortlessly. Not only does NGP VAN develop tools and technological strategy for the democratic campaign, the company also links with other start-up software companies to improve the party’s campaign at the grassroots.

The efficiency of the tools developed by NGP VAN has been recognized by Campaigns and Elections and the company has won their Campaign Tech Award in 2018 for the best company culture. They continue to help the democrats by helping them achieve victory assisted by technology