A Cornucopia of Payment Methods

Securus Technologies is a high end and well-known information technology firm based in Dallas, Texas. The company was originally created in order to offer communications support to security personnel but quickly expanded to meet the needs of prison inmates and their families. Having prisoners as your main customer base offers a number of challenges, one of which is being able to collect monthly subscription fees from clients. Many families who rely on Securus do not have functional bank accounts or credit cards, with usual life hardships to blame. In order to further support their clients and give them the ability to pay more frequently, Securus Technologies has decided to spend some additional money and purchase online financial sensation GovPayNet.


This particular merger will allow Securus Technologies to make a huge dent in the industry, and not only that, but they will also increase the ability to support their customers on a much larger scale. Loyal customers of the corporation will now be able to have peace of mind knowing that Securus Technologies will allow them the ability to be much more flexible on their payment methods. This is great news considering most customers for Securus are family members of prison inmates and do not necessarily have the ability to make payments by credit card. GovPayNet, as a payment provider, allows clients to use payment methods such as pre-paid credit cards, money orders, PayPal, and a variety of other choices. Since there are so many options a customer would be hard pressed to not be able to pay on time.


For more information on this exciting merger of these two corporations please visit the link below: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-technologies-inc-to-acquire-jpay-inc-300065531.html


Customer Comments On The Securus Network Prevents Crime

Securus Technologies refuses to fail their customers with a quality crime prevention tool which encourages customer feedback. Their forum is listed directly on their website and encourages customer the safety of the general public. Amazingly, they were one of the first inmate calling providers to implement such a program. In fact, Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith decided to use their initial government mandated monitoring, surveillance, and security to implement a successful crime prevention program. Each month thousands of customers are making the switch to their cost effective, but also stabilized inmate calling network. Learn more about their features directly on their website.


Securus Technologies Features


Remote Visits


Visit your friends and love ones securely over the internet and save more time and money. Were you one of those people who traveled to a correctional facility faithfully to visit someone? The remote visitation feature allows you to visit an inmate when you’re included on their visiting list.


Website Forum


Securus Technologies invites their customers to prevent telecommunication crimes before they start by leaving customer feedback on their wewebsiteYou can also make a confidential complaint with one of their reliable IT professionals.


Become a part of the stable Securus network today.


Switch To Securus Technologies For Your Inmate Calling Needs

Securus Technologies, a interactive inmate calling regulator is proudly overseen by Rick A. Smith. His goal is to provide superior protection initiatives for the general public. He ensures Securus was one of the first providers in the network to provide their clients with safety features to eliminate illegal telephone trafficking, illegal money transfers, and trade. Their job is to ensure their customers receive the to monitoring, and surveillance. They are also the recipients of the very popular Stevie Award for customer service excellence. Smith says, Securus is one of the few networks willing to put their customers first.


Securus Technologies Features


Remote Visitation


Visit the ones you love conveniently over the internet with a one of a kind high definition video, and optimum sound. Flow their progress on a correctional facility conveniently online with a valid payment method, and compatible device.


Packaging Services


Securus Technologies would like to create a packaging services initiative with a partnership with the Keefe Group. They will offer top brands in personal hygiene, food, clothing items, shoes, and electronics. Inmates, and their families will have access to this feature online, or through their telephone number.


Today, Securus leads the industry as one of the top inmate calling networks

Their rates are chosen over their competitors $4 to $1. They ensure their customers receive affordability along with guaranteed services that has eliminated dreadful dropped calls. Their customer feedback platform allows you to see what other customers are saying about Securus Technologies. They were one of the first networks to create a for for customer feedback, and are recent participants of the prestigious Stevie Award for a high level of customer service excellence. You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details on their promotional offers, services, and features.


Securus Technologies – Offering World Class Customer Service to Its Growing Clientele

The correctional industry has become highly competitive in the last few years, and even though many companies are operating in this sphere, one of the leading firms in this domain is Securus Technologies. The company has made rapid advancements in this field, particularly due to its focus on research and development. Securus Technologies has been able to develop some of the most ground breaking technologies in the field, which has enabled the law enforcement officers to become more efficient at work and catch criminals with ease.


The information provided by the Securus Technologies ensures that the law enforcement officers can act quickly and stop the criminals from committing a crime. Moreover, the technology of Securus Technologies records the information and the images, which serves as evidence in the court of law, making it difficult for the criminals to bypass the law.


Securus Technologies has been able to make tremendous progress in the field partly due to its focus on research and development. It is important in just about any industry today to continue to research and develop new products and technology that would provide superior and more efficient services to the end users. It is precisely what Securus Technologies has been doing since the time it started operations in the year 1986. The company’s headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas, and it has its regional offices in Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton. Securus Technologies’ primary market at the moment is North America, where over a million inmates depend on Securus Technologies for its communication needs.


However, shortly, Securus Technologies is looking to expand to other parts of the country as well. Securus Technologies is also known to offer world class customer service and has even won the Gold Stevie Award for the same. The company also provides a broad range of investigative solutions and services.

Catching Desperate Fugitives with Securus Technologies

My team of detectives is responsible for apprehending fugitives who pose a real threat to the residents in our city. We had a very dangerous suspect who just escaped from a bail hearing, and was running around the city desperate for cash, drugs, and a ride. Despite the numerous tips, this fugitive had a number of friends who would gladly keep him until the heat died down.


We had many of these places under surveillance, but the friends would simply tip off our fugitive and he would go deeper into hiding. With no more leads and a fugitive who had a history of violence on his record, it would only be a matter of time before he did something to hurt an innocent victim. My team headed to our local prison to see if we could stir up a conversation with some of his old cellmates.


The reason we had a real sense of urgency with this case was because we know the potential of damage this suspect is capable of. If he thinks for any reason that a person was talking to the police, he will show up to that residence and use excessive violence in making his point. It is not out of the realm of possibility that he would put a person in the hospital if thought they were talking. This can be a very dangerous situation for all residents until he is caught.


Securus Technologies had installed an inmate communication monitoring system in the jail, and it was effective at catching inmates talking about things like drugs, weapons, and how they get all sorts of contraband in the jail. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, told our superiors that his Dallas-based company and all the 1,000 employees are at their disposal to reach their objective of making the world a safer place to live. We decided to try something a little unconventional.


While using the LBS software to hunt for our fugitive, it didn’t take long before the system alerted us to a conversation about our fugitive. It seems that an inmate who was just arrested had come across our suspect while staying at a local homeless shelter. This was something that we did not consider for a moment, but it gave us the lead we needed in order to set up a sting and pose as the workers when he arrived to sleep one night. Within hours we assembled a team and staked out the three homeless shelters in our city and the suspect walked right into our trap without any incident. Had it not been for the Securus Technologies system, this suspect may have gotten away for good and hurt another person.


Securus Technologies Connecting What Matters

Securus Technologies hears out facility staff comments on the technology to solve and prevent crimes. Securus Technologies provides technology that revolutionizes to improve public safety. Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, noted that on average once per week they develop a new product.


  • Thanks to Securus for their assistance with information from a phone call that help to arrest a staff member.”
  • “The calls monitored contained information about inmate alcohol use and drug contraband.”
  • “A decade now, the facility has relied on technology by Sercurus Technologies. It’s encouraging that they are so helpful.”
  • “Impressed by Securus development of capabilities.”
  • “The reporting data has enhanced the way we monitor contraband.”
  • “Investigative tools help when there is a complaint of harassment.”
  • “I called you in the middle of an investigation and with your help we took suspect into custody.”
  • “With a conversation about a murder it will be instrumental in solving the case.”
  • “The LBS service alone are enough for us to keep using Securus.”


Securus Technologies headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies provides emergency response, investigation, monitoring products, etc. Focusing on connecting what matters to make living safer.


An Independent Technology Judge to Determine Securus Technology’s Superiority Ratio over Global Tel Link (GTL)

There is no question as to the superiority of Securus Technology to GTL. We
only want to know the ratio. Some customers said that it is 4:1; we shall
leave that to an independent judge to decide.

It amounts to an insult for GTL to compare itself to Securus Technology
considering the wide margin of superiority Securus Technology enjoys.
Claiming to be on the same level with a superior firm shows that any word
coming from GTL should never be taken serious. This situation forced
Securus Technology to throw a challenge at GTL that will see an independent
technology judge determine between them who has a better customer service metrics, who has a larger and better product set, who has invested more, and who has a more modern/high tech/efficient/sophisticated calling

To get to the height they are at the moment, they
had to invest over $700 million into their business acquiring companies,
product development and technologies including a US Customer Service Center and a state of the art Technology. GTL though have lofty dreams but are without the willpower to pay the price; they still make do with older, less
feature-rich, less efficient, primarily premise-based systems, and not
fully centralized processing systems.

Securus Technology does not beg to be mentioned in any comment by GTL as
its customers already know its worth considering the quality services it
offers. GTL will do well to turn down the challenge or pick it and soiled
its image further. While declining to go for a challenge, it has to tender
an apology and stop making bogus and false claims henceforth. We live in a
free world; if it wants to get to the level of Securus Technology and rob
shoulders then it should pay the price in terms of investing more and
giving the customers better service. In short, borrow a leaf from Securus


Securus Technologies remains the leading provider of criminal and civil
justice technology solutions for public safety, monitoring, investigation
and corrections. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas with several
branches in the United State and all over North America.