NGP VAN gives the Technical Edge to the Democrats

Political parties in the fifties used a large workforce to identify and mobilize voters in the 1950s. They also used the radio and television for communication. Today, the scene has changed. Political parties are relying on advanced technology to establish and organize voters and ensure that they vote on election day.

Political parties today use voter database and web hosting companies to assist campaigns by connecting the voter and the campaign. NGP VAN is a Washington DC based company that assists the democratic campaign. The democrats have used the technology provided by the company both for the election and re-election of President Obama in 2008 and 2012. The company was founded in 1997 and has provided valuable tools to assist democratic campaigns since.

Communication is the key for a successful political campaign. Voters use the internet and mobile devices for communication and to access information. NGP VAN provides the required software to keep voters informed at all stages of the campaign. Their mobile app Pollwatcher was a key factor in the success of the Obama Campaign. The success of the campaign proved that if a political party has a technological edge, it has a better chance of accomplishing its goals.


NGP VAN is constantly striving to give democrats tools in the form of canvassing apps and by designing technology assisted campaign strategies. Tools provided by the company include a campaign data tool for data analysis by campaign organizers, a platform to enable donors to donate funds to the party easily and a tool to help volunteers canvass for the party effortlessly. Not only does NGP VAN develop tools and technological strategy for the democratic campaign, the company also links with other start-up software companies to improve the party’s campaign at the grassroots.

The efficiency of the tools developed by NGP VAN has been recognized by Campaigns and Elections and the company has won their Campaign Tech Award in 2018 for the best company culture. They continue to help the democrats by helping them achieve victory assisted by technology

Betsy DeVos is Prepared to Make Her Political Stances Known

Betsy DeVos works for the Trump administration as the education secretary. She is a fitting education secretary for her philanthropy to the education of students throughout her home state of Michigan. She is generally seen as quiet and polite in nature, but she is at ease with making her political stances known. Her polite nature makes people assume that she is not ready to make it clear where she stands, but she has never backed down from making it clear.


In light of the President opting to remove protections that were put in place to keep bathrooms available to transgender students, DeVos put in her two cents. She pointed out the need for students to feel safe in schools. The transgender bathroom bill helps students feel safe in school when they use the rest room. She pointed out that the president nixing this bill violated student rights to feel safe in school, but that schools could create their own bathroom rules. She firmly stood up for the rights of students in this case scenario.


Another recent instance of Betsy DeVos making her stance well known was the scenario involving the school shooter in Florida. She called upon an open debate to be held within Congress. Her views on the shooter are primarily that the individual had a mental health issue and that mental issues need to be addressed with more thorough mental health care. This differentiates from other representatives of Congress, but she’s comfortable with showing what her views are despite them being different. This is a good strength to have to be able to say your stance and to also call for an open debate. It means she’s open to debating her stance and looking at other conclusions that those in Congress or the education department have come across concerning solutions to the shooting issue.


Betsy DeVos will continue being firm with her political stances during debates or handling education issues. Her voucher system and school choice system are the efforts she has been focusing on doing for the American school system and testing out different ideas. Betsy DeVos and others who approve of her being chosen as education secretary have said that she is a good choice for education secretary because she is open and willing to try out new ideas. The education department will hopefully benefit from an education secretary who is willing to test out new ideas to help students.


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Betsy and Dick DeVos contribution to institutin and their hometown

Dick DeVos cold called AirTran Airways CEO in 1991 with the objective of turning around the state of the Grand Rapid’s airport. The call that led to the CEO of the low-cost carrier to meet with DeVos yielded to the Grand Rapids Airport running nonstop flights at a cheaper rate.


After a few months of the turnaround, AirTran Airways was acquired by the Southwest Airlines. DeVos convinced the new employers to hold onto the nonstop flights that had routes to Baltimore and Orlando; this was after a long debate with the board who were hesitant about it.


After continued deliberations over the years, the Southwest Airlines decided to add more flights in 2013 to St. Louis, Orlando and Baltimore. After that, the Grand Rapid’ airport grew more than ever, and the management decided to plan for upgrades that spurred to about $45 million; the upgrades are to be completed in 2018. Some of the features that are being upgraded include the security check-in, restaurants, new restrooms and business centers.


DeVos’s influence did not stop there, Betsy DeVos, who is currently the U.S Education Secretary has had tremendous influence in different sectors just like her husband. Betsy DeVos has been influential in philanthropy and education reforms which have been her biggest initiative.


Her desire to help children from low-income families to gain access to education options just like the priviledged children was inspired her to march on to the expansion of charter schools.


As much as Betsy and Dick had their strengths in different initiatives, they were both strong in philanthropy. From 1989 to 2015, a whopping $138.7 million was donated by the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to churches, education centered policy initiatives, health and human services, leadership programs and ars& culture.


The couple also donated $12.5 million towards the construction of the children’s Home Hospital Spectrum Health System that cost $103 million. The new infrastructure provides families with the opportunity of receiving treatment while their children are at home instead of leaving work to take their kids to the clinic.


As much as they have had their successes, they have also been ushered with some failures. For instance, in 2000, Betsy DeVos had a proposal to create a tax-funded voucher education program for children from low-income households to attend private schools; this was rejected by the voters.


In 2006, Dick DeVos stepped up to run for the governor seat against incumbent Jennifer Granholm; sadly, he lost after running an expensive campaign. Even though failure was imminent, Betsy never gave up on her educational reforms. Instead of sticking around, Betsy took her strategic advocacy program for private school voucher to other states. 24 states together with the District of Columbia adopted the voucher program for private schools.



Betsy’s passion for seeing that the advocacy program was working is the reason as to why President of the U.S.A, Donald Trump appointed her as the U.S Secretary of Education.


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Learn about Glen Wakeman in 3 minutes

Glen Wakeman is a successful executive and investor mentor, a small business owner, financial services manager, public company CEO, and board member. He has a 21-year experience in management at GE in P&L and business development roles.


Glen Wakeman is passionate about growing businesses through improving company agility and performance and by using a proven methodology that enhances and assesses five key dimensions of performance; human capital, leadership, risk management, execution, and governance.

Glen Wakeman is currently the founder and CEO of LaunchPad that has a fully automated software service that helps new entrepreneurs organize their ideas into plans that can work. The company has broad and massive tips and suggestions that will guide start-ups as they start. It is supported by a large number of capital ventures and mentors. 

Before this, Glen was the founder and president of Nova 4, a business accelerator that provides access to funders and strategic advice to developing companies. He is still acting as the CEO of coaching and board duties as a way of sustaining the developments. Glen Wakeman shined in all these positions.


Glen has received several locals, national, and international awards for his exceptional leadership and his passion and dedication to the corporate world.


Glen attended the University of Chicago where he received his MBA. For his BS in economics and finance, he participated in the University of Scranton.


Role of GE Capital

Glen spent 20 years in successful complex roles in leadership in business development, general management, and operations management. In his last position as the CEO of GE Money Latin America, he grew a nine-country operation from a startup that exceeded $12B in assets and more than 17000 workers.

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George Soros Returns to the World of Politics in Style

The political world underwent a true evolution in 2016 as we saw a Presidential Election that divided more people than ever before. The rise of Donald Trump as a Republican force coupled with his unlikely defeat of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has made people wonder now more than ever what their future might hold. For those concerned about the future of progressive politics and democratic ideals there may be some solace to be taken in the return of George Soros. Soros, a billionaire investor and renowned philanthropist, is ready to stand tall in the progressive fight for justice and equality in America and abroad. Read more about George’s life story at

We can go back to the 2004 Presidential Election between Al Gore and George W. Bush in order to see our first taste of what Soros could do in mainstream politics. The Hungarian-born investor backed Al Gore, spending enormous amounts of his own fortune in order to help the Democratic nominee keep up with the billionaire Koch Brothers funding machine. While Gore would fall short in a controversial decision, Soros had more than established himself as an important donor and political activist for progressive politics. Still, Soros decided to step back and let the political machine work its way — until 2016.

Presidential nominee Donald Trump stood for everything that Soros had spent his entire life fighting against so it made sense that Soros would leap back into the political fray in full force. Soros would come forward to support Hillary Clinton as well as a majority of the progressive nominees down the ticket. Soros would spend nearly $25 million during the election campaign in order to fight for his progressive values, social causes, and democratic beliefs. Due to his ability and willingness to stand before progressive causes we have seen Soros turn into some sort of boogeyman to conservative politicians everywhere. With Soros standing steadfastly against Donald Trump, they might actually finally be right about something. Read his profile at Business Insider.

The story of George Soros and his ascension up the economic and political ladder is as fascinating as it is powerful. Soros was born and raised in a Nazi-occupied Hungary. Soros would see friends and family members killed by their oppressors before he was finally able to flee to London. Soros would work through the London School of Economics in order to gain his degree, all while laboring as a waiter and railway porter to pay the bills. Eventually Soros earned enough money to sail to America where he would start the Soros Hedge Fund.

As a self made billionaire and one of the leading philanthropists in the world it is easy why he would stand so fiercely against Donald Trump. President Trump stands for everything that Soros isn’t and that means we are ready to see George Soros rise once again.

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