Dr. Jorge Moll: Understanding Altruistic Emotions In Humans Through Research

Understanding the intricate workings of the brain is something that every Neuroscience wants to be able to do, and Dr. Jorge Moll was someone who also wanted to achieve that goal. In particular, he wanted to focus on the brain chemistry that takes place when a person performs any kind of altruistic task. In 2006, he received the first steps towards this goal and decided to embark on a study that would then go on to set the pace for future research that he would go on to conduct.


The first foundations of the study that Dr. Jorge Moll wanted to conduct were based on gathering a group of people and preparing a brain map of the reactions they face when they are experiencing altruistic emotions. For this, he decided to take images of the participant’s brains when they were being asked a set of questions. These questions mainly revolved around some form of charitable giving and some kind of way in which they could aid people or give them some money. During this study, Dr. Jorge Moll realized that when people are engaged in this kind of thoughts, it is the primal functions of the brain that are in use, and not the part of the brain that is involved with more complex processes. This was a groundbreaking discovery and was far different from what researchers previously understood the workings of the brain.


Since then, the studies that Dr. Jorge Moll has conducted have all revolved around this central concept. One of the more recent studies that he had conducted was to analyze the brain chemistry that occurred when people who loved the same sporting groups were put together. He wanted to study the reactions that people had in this kind of a social setting, and the brain chemistry that takes place as a result of it. This was a route that not many people had taken in the past and were something that was completely original.


Because of the work that he has done, Dr. Jorge Moll has gained an impressive reputation for the researcher that he has grown into. Currently, Dr. Jorge Moll stands as the President of the D’Or Institute of Research, one of the more notable research institutions in Brazil.

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