Matt Badiali Expertise In Investment

Matt Badiali is renowned for Freedom Checks. He is the man behind this incredible discovery. Matt Badiali is a geologist by profession. He has an excellent educational background. Badiali attained a Bachelors of Science degree in Geoscience, Geology and Earth Science in 1992 from Penn State University. He also enrolled for higher studies in Florida Atlantic University and achieved a Master’s Degree in Geology in 2000. He finally achieved a PhD in sedimentary geology in 2005 from the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His education has enabled him to travel across the entire world. In his tours, he has been engaged with examination of oil wells and mines to make a determination whether what he heard from prospectors was true or not. The list of the various countries that he has visited includes Switzerland, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Haiti, Turkey, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Apart from the many tours that he has made, Matt Badiali was also in the best position to analyzed geological data as well as interview the Chief Executive Officers. Badiali released a video recently which was intended at introducing the concept of Freedom Checks to the public. This video has gained a relative amount of interest. This video features Matt Badiali explaining the new investment that is grounded in America’s interest towards attaining an interest in the energy department. Freedom Checks originates from natural resource companies. These companies produce, process, store as well as transport various natural resources in this country. In precise, these companies are gas and oil enterprises.

It is just the other day that we witnessed a massive decrease in the oil amount that comes from the countries in the Middle East. At the same time, the production of oil and gas has increased within the US. This mainly based on the fracking boom. This implies that the natural resources companies are about to experience huge profits in the coming few years. The estimates indicate that this could be an implication that the Freedom Checks investors could receive a reward amounting to 34.6 billion US Dollars over the following year. This was Matt Badiali insight that eventually came typo pass. This is proof that he is a credible and reliable best advisor ion the investment industry.

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Do You Know What Fortress Investment Group Is? You’re About To Learn

Many investors who have lots of money trust hedge funds and other alternative asset management groups – they inherently take on higher risks on their traditional investment management counterparts – with their money because they offer far higher returns than more popular firms in the financial services industry do.

Fortress Investment Group is one of Wall Street’s largest, most prominent, and reliable alternative asset management firms. Founded in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has consistently grown larger over the past two decades.

Chances have it that – unless you’re an executive of a major corporation based in the United States or an individual investor with many millions of dollars to spare – you probably aren’t familiar with Fortress Investment group, even though you should be. Let’s look into the basics of where Fortress came from, what it does today, and a brief explanation of the services that it offers to its many clients.

What does Fortress Investment Group do?

Fortress primarily offers its services to corporations. Currently, the alternative investment management firm has roughly 1,750 clients on its roster – in total, that is – and only about 200 of them are individuals who seek returns for their own, personal uses.

The company has three areas of focus: credit, permanent capital vehicles, and private equity. Let’s look at each of those.

Fortress’ Credit branch was founded in 2002 by current partner and co-chief executive officer Peter J. Briger. Its roster is loaded with more than 500 experts in the field of corporate finance who hail from all sorts of backgrounds, providing Fortress with the diversity and experience it needs to make solid decisions for its many clients.

Activities that Fortress Investment Group’s Credit department is involved in includes things like lending directly to its clients, structuring tax liens, and providing them rights to mortgage servicing agreements.

Next up is the firm’s Permanent Capital Vehicles division. As a means of diversifying risk, Fortress stabilizes its returns by operating five investment companies that deal solely in the business of long-term assets.

Fortress’ Private Equity business has been around since the company was founded 20 years ago. Private equity refers to acquiring and managing companies to generate profits, effectively siphoning all excess profit directly to Fortress. Investing in opportunities around the world, its Private Equity branch is one of its primary means of generating returns.

The company was co-founded by Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman.

Madison Street Capital and The Authenticated Expertise That It Offers For Napoleon Machine

Madison Street Capital (MDS) has always been assertive in sustaining its lead in business competition. It has not only been aggressive in the way it markets its consultancy services, but it’s also been strong in making sure that the clients it serves are both high-caliber and extremely valuable. In the recent article from PR Newswire, it is revealed that one of the new responsibilities that Madison Street Capital is holding right now would be the role of being a financial advisor for Napoleon Machine.



MSC has long been known for being an international banking company that helps clients with various financial services, but right now, the company’s expertise would be put to the test again as it helps manage the credit facility of Napoleon Machine. The advisory role of MSC had already helped previous clients and companies reach its target goals. With this new duty for Napoleon Machine, it would then be a good opportunity for MSC to better show its skills in helping more companies grow their assets.



Being the Exclusive Financial Advisor for the credit facility of Napoleon Machine means that it is the job of MSC to help Napoleon expand its services to more people and companies that need its products. MSC will help Napoleon increase their ability to meet customer demands and accelerate the trajectory of Napoleon’s sales growth in the coming years.



It’s also noteworthy to indicate here that MSC was really intensive in its attempt to listen to the company needs of Napoleon. Napoleon Machine President Kevin Febrey even went so far as to say that MSC really listened to the complete story of Napoleon’s needs and position the company in such a way that it can provide valuable help to the shareholders in the marketplace.



MSC showed that it is able to understand the capital-intensive element in the entire operations of Napoleon as well as offer the most creative solutions for the firm to access the credit and capital for it to multiply its production rate and sales growth. Napoleon Machine has already an ISO 9001:2008 certification in the field of manufacturing, including metal fabrication, light assembly, and other diverse mix of end-market clients and customers.



About Madison Street Capital



As featured by Terry Bradshaw in Today in America, Madison Street Capital has already built a name in providing financial solutions to solve tough problems that start-ups and established companies face, including gathering non-traditional capital funds.



MSC is a trusted company that educates, supports and helps various companies in emerging markets get the right and thorough understanding of the capital markets and other concepts that help clients get valuable solutions for their unique problems. Advisors from Madison Street Capital are also able to give the best knowledge that companies and prospective clients need to hear when starting or continuing a business.


Glen Wakeman Provides Expert Advice on How To Manage Change

According to Glen Wakeman, sticking with the truth is a great thing, especially when change is around the corner. In management circles, it’s a known fact that change management is a herculean and demanding task in one’s place of work and even personal life. Change signals disruption in one’s routine. So, there is a natural reaction to change. The reaction is, generally, in the form of fear. The fear makes people resist any attempts to change the way things have been. It is a natural tendency to want to maintain the status quo. The comfort zone offers predictable outcomes as opposed to the unknown effects of change.


What Glen Wakeman Does for a Living


Glen Wakeman is the CEO and founder of Launchpad Holdings. His company focuses on startup companies. He seeks to help such budding businesses t craft a working plan for their business. It also provides advisory services regarding budgeting and raining income for growth. The service offered by LaunchPad Holdings cost about $100. It only takes half an hour for the company to transform a business idea into a workable plan that can be used for viable investment. Glen Wakeman was once asked how his LaunchPad came into existence. He stated that he had been approached by numerous organizations and individuals to help them come up with a business plan that was simple but workable. He explains that the clients who approached him presented great business plans that never seemed to work in their circumstances. So, he set out to find out why. He discovered that the ideas that were brought before him were great but were disorganized and hence were not proper plans. Therefore, Glen says that ideas are not plans. It is for that detection of a vacuum in business skills on the market that he decided to start LaunchPad Holdings to assist small business people with great business ideas to translate such plans into actionable plans at a small fee.


Managing Change at the Work Place


According to Gen Wakeman, it is important to always remember that the employees are adult humans. Therefore, one should understand the natural reaction towards change and also bear in mind that after taking such employees through the process of change in theory first, they begin to align to what you have made them start to anticipate. Glen says that being truthful about the foreseen change can help to create a natural alignment for seamless change.

Gareth Henry: Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Of Gareth Henry

In the year 2014, one of the most exciting investment opportunities, at least in the eyes of investment giant Fortress Investment Groups, is actually the country of Brazil. Why is this so?

Gareth Henry, an executive at the $63 billion hedge fund firm claims this is due to the year’s election that is coming up. There has been excellent trading in regards to the real (the name of Brazilian currency), in interest rates, and in the trading of equities. He firmly believes that these trends will continue after the elections are done and over with. His feelings are shared by other Fortress Investment Group executives such as Mike Novogratz.

Gareth Henry thinks the election results will favor the opponent of current President Dilma Rousseff. Henry believes she will lose the election and the assets of the Brazilian market will rally even further.

Along with the South American of Brazil, Gareth Henry considers the overseas countries of Scotland and Japan as huge investment opportunities. He thinks that the current burgeoning “Abenomics”, in reference to leader Shinzo Abe, will be wonderful for the country, which has already seen incredible market trading activity.

The recent independence vote which failed in Scotland may have left some things uncertain in the country but it was wonderful news for market traders, who took advantage of the turmoil for their benefit.

Gareth Henry has stated in recent interviews he is keeping his eye on global politics in the coming year as international markets will be prime investment opportunities for those who know what they are doing. Since he is head of a $63 billion company, it is certainly evident that he knows exactly what he is doing. Whether anyone who is reading chooses to follow his advice is up to them but it would certainly be in their best interest.

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