Impressive Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is clearly making a name for itself in the bottled water industry after being tabbed by Forbes Magazine as one of the fasting growing companies in the United States. The company startup began in 2012 with a simple principle of being environmentally friendly in production and product content, as the original water supply comes from Hawaiian volcanic rainwater runoff. The water source is noted for containing more natural minerals than he original water source for any other bottled water on the market. And, now they have made another step forward in helping preserve the environment with a purely degradable plastic container.

The corporate growth spurt of Waiakea Water may well be poised now to take off again with this new development that has been planned from the beginning of the company in 2012. Founder and CEO Ryan Emmons realized the potential for an environmentally conscious water company to emerge in the bottled water industry because much bottled water begins as tap water and is packaged in non-degradable plastic containers. He pitched his design to larger companies and retailers at the beginning, only to find out the industry competition is restrictive based on long-term relationships with established large companies and big box retailers.

That all changed following the initial cold shoulder, as many smaller operations realized the novel concept that Emmons was implementing. Then Whole Foods signed on as well and the rest is bottled water history. According to market reports, the company has grown by over 4000% since the new deal that came in addition to the sharp increase in smaller retailer purchases. This puts Waiakea Water in position to change the entire landscape of the bottled water industry as health-conscious consumers become more aware of the new product.

The new biodegradable bottle could also well change the market for all products that are sold in plastic containers, which could also poise the five-year old company began by a 22-year old Hawaiian resident to increase in size again with the new product. The impact plastic containers and products have had on the global environment is considered a major problem by many scientists, and now it appears that Waiakea Water has upped their game once again by impacting the entire plastic container market as well.