Perry Mandera is a former Chicago public high school student who immediately after graduation joined the United States Marine Corps Reserves. This is where he was assigned a motor pool and in the process learned how to drive trucks. At the end of his navy profession, before returning to civilian life, he was accorded with an Honorable Discharge. In his early 20ths, and after working for different transportation companies, he began his own business which he sold five years later, and that was in 1985.


As a pioneer in the Transportation Industry and with a helping hand to others, Perry Mandera started Customs Care Charities. This was early 1986, and currently, it employs several hundreds of people and serves several clients ranging from small businesses which are individually or family-owned to well-known large corporations. With its headquarters located in Northlake, and with several agents and offices spread throughout the cities of America, it offers a variety of products and services that involve truck locomotives, freight services, warehousing and distribution centers.


Early in the 20th century, Perry Mandera currently a board member of the Illinois Transportation Association was named among the top One Hundred American quality providers of transport facilities.


Perry Mandera is also known for his philanthropy, whereby many charity organizations have benefitted from his financial donations and advice. His charity specialization revolves around organizations that are in charge of children and youths, the older generations and those affiliated with cancer.


For the Tornado that struck Washington, Mr. Mandera was satisfactory proud that The Custom Companies provided relief to the victims. This was done by giving the victims supplies and transportation services. They are not the only natural tragedy victims he has supported but also supported several others including the victims of Hurricane Katrina and those of California Wild Fires.

Perry Mandera’s company was founded on the principles of doing what is right and helping societies(interview). They help out organizations that always align with their beliefs and to the individual needs. Providing education in matters of finances to the young and disadvantaged is also one of their activities. As a sports enthusiast, Mr. Mandera has coached several youth teams and also managed professional boxing competitors.