New Anti-Aging Opportunities from Elysium Health

Mankind has searched for the fountain of youth since the dawn of history, and now it may have been found, but in pill form instead. The Elysium Health startup company has recently developed a new product that could very well be the cutting edge in age reduction and longer life. The product is called Basis and may be one of the most basic compounds ever developed through scientific research and biological application. The report from Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a compelling account of just how effective Basis may actually be and what it offers to societal health in general. It is the anti-aging pill.

The new product is a supplement developed by MIT biologist Leonard Guarente and is focused on using botanical extractions of NAD+, a protein that cells use in the metabolism process of the body. The product contains no vegetable extracts or designated harmful products. Guarente also conducted significant tests using the compound on animals and plants as the control group, but also states that the difficulty in all new products is transferring the data to the impact the tested products have on humans. This transfer is also important to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but so far so good for the new anti-aging supplement. The ultimate goal of the new product is to begin a trend of new product development that impacts natural cellular processes.

The mission statement of new company is simply the aspiration to provide a product that allows humans to live healthier and longer through extraordinary science. That may be exactly what happens if the new product proves to perform as Guarente suggests it will. Th ultimate goal of the new company is to use modern science to produce new sound health products like Basis using nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide that releases energy from human glucose, resulting in a slower aging process. Health Elysium intends to establish an entirely new product category. Guarente also has two designated partners in the startup company in persons of former Sequoia partner Eric Marcotulli and former JP Morgan executive Dan Alminana.