David McDonald Propelling the Growth of OSI Industries

The Bachelor of Science degree holder from Iowa State University was born in 1964. Straight after graduation, the animal scientist, Mr. David McDonald got his first job at the OSI Industries and still works with them to date. OSI Group is a multi-national food processing organization with its roots spread to 17 countries and over 65 facilities world over.He joined OSI Group as the project manager and was in charge of expanding the business internationally. His main concentration area back then was in Asia and Latin America. He has over time continued to work in several capacities in the company and is currently the president as well as the CEO of OSI Group. Mr. David McDonald is also a member of the Board of Directors of the company and many of its subsidiary companies.

At one point he held a seat on the Board of Directors of Marfrig Alimentos S/A, which is stationed in Brazil and one of the world’s largest protein companies. He also served as the chairman of the American Meat Institute, which is the largest meat association in the region.In 2015, about David McDonald, he served as the first-ever chairman of the North American Meat Institute. This institute is a new entity that has brought together the North American Meat Association as well as the American Meat Institute. To date, he is still an active participant of the North American Meat Institute.

He has been with the company for 30 years and in the period OSI group has made great strides. McDonald has played major roles towards the success and growth of the company. He strives to keep a logistics team that can be up to date with the ever-changing international market demands. For this to be done, David McDonald ensures that his team works hand in hand with the local marketers in order to meet the needs of the customers without any hiccups.In an interview with Inspirery, Mr. David McDonald mentioned that among the books that have inspired his success in foreign countries is the “Time Management from a Cross-Cultural Perspective”. The book, he says, has given him insights which he has used in his business operations.

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