Classdojo Launches A New Learning Tool In Collaboration With LA’s Ad Astra

Classdojo Launches A New Learning Tool In Collaboration With LA’s Ad Astra

Once again, the Los Angeles private school called Ad Astra has proven to be unique and to stand out from other regular and private schools as well. Ad Astra has been using unique modules and curriculums as well as teaching models that have been met with mixed reactions. The school, which seeks to stand out, has developed yet another technique in their curriculum that is set to increase its uniqueness in the education system. Ad Astra has come up with a new learning tool that they have named Conundrums.

What are conundrums?

Conundrums are basically critical thinking puzzles that are to be used to encourage and enhance critical thinking with students as well as teachers. The puzzles pose open-ended ethical and critical thinking problems or questions that the students have to come up with solutions to. The students are encouraged to work in groups in order to also enhance their communication with others as well as their reasoning capacity and the ability to share their ideas with their peers. The teachers’ role here is to guide the students through this process and assess their solutions. Elon Musk, the founder of Ad Astra was able to come up with this tool through a collaboration with the educational software developing company known as ClassDojo.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a communication platform that was developed back in the year 2011 by Sam Chaudhry and Liam Don. This was at a time when the main concern in the education sector was the lack of participation and interaction between parents, teachers and their students. Liam and Sam took advantage of the fact that smartphones and smart devices had become the trend and decided to come up with a way that would make the interaction between these three parties by using a mobile phone app. The app was designed in a way that photos can be sent as well as videos between these three parties. The app also has a streaming feature called the Class Story that the teachers can use as well as a messaging feature. So far ClassDojo is used by more than 40 million teachers and students in more than 35 different countries and is available in several languages.

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