Whitney Wolfe Believes in Using Bumble for Good

After starting Bumble, Whitney Wolfe knew she had something that would help more women in the future. By starting Bumble, she gave herself a chance to maintain control over the app and everything that went into the app. It was her way of creating a positive environment for all those who needed it.

Even the Bumble home office is filled with positivity. It’s a bright building filled with windows and sunshine. Everything at Bumble comes in bright colors. The office is decorated in its signature bright yellow and most of the employers are happy and in a good mood when they come to work. Whitney Wolfe created a company that makes people feel good and gives them the chance to feel positive about everything they do. Since the company remains dedicated to positivity and empowering women, it’s something most women can feel good about. It’s also something that makes working for the company easier. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at Deadline

When women have empowerment, they have a better chance at success. They also have the ability to feel good about the work they do and that’s something that makes sense for all the people in the company. By focusing on power and positivity, Whitney Wolfe knows what it means to give more people a better chance at success. She also feels there are things that will keep helping others and will keep making things easier for all the people who need their help. The opportunities that come from Bumble give everyone a chance at a better experience.

As Bumble continues getting better and more people have a chance to try different things, Whitney Wolfe sees it as a positive experience. She also feels there are things that will allow the company to succeed in the future. Wolfe always knew things would get better and also knew the company would have the chance to do more for the industry. Bumble continues growing and others see the company as a way to do things successfully. They also know what happens in the future as long as people can help them with the issues they have while they’re navigating the app dating world.

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Brian Torchin-Medical professional and beyond

Head of the famous staffing company HCRC Staffing, Brian Torchin, a chiropractor by profession, has combined entrepreneurial insight with professional experience in the field of healthcare to run his business endeavor for quite a few years now and it is safe to say that the Philadelphia based company is thriving. The company deals in providing candidates important positions at healthcare companies, hospitals and even legal firms. Head of the company, Brian has explained that the goal of the company is to provide employees vital positions in various organizations within the adequately put time limit of seventy two hours. Find out more about Brian Torchin at Wellness.

Brian Torchin uses social media platforms to draw attention to not only his company but also to important issues and challenges faced by the healthcare industry today and uses his experience in the field to give authentic insight into the process of recruiting employees which adds to his credibility and builds the trust of the public. Brian’s background in the medical field also helped him become a face to trust in the industry as he majored in exercise science at the Delaware university and went on to obtain his Doctor in Chiropractic medicine from the New York Chiropractic College. He proceeded attaining his license to practice and set up his own clinic in Philadelphia, where his company is now based, and practice for several years before putting his plan of HCRC Staffing into action in the year 2007.

Brian’s company is now flourishing with clients from all parts of the world and in all walks of medical life. They deal with staffing of physicians, practitioner nurses, chiropractors and various other personnel in the healthcare field and have clients from USA, Europe and even Australia. With his insight in both healthcare and staffing, Brian Torchin and his company HCRC Staffing are proving to be a really valuable asset.

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How Gareth Henry Has Used His Mathematical Background To Excel In The Financial World

After graduating from college Scotland’s Gareth Henry entered the financial industry. Over the past several years he has worked in London, New York City, and Philidelphia for money management firms. What he does for a living is raise capital that is to be used to invest in alternative asset classes such as real estate, commodities, and credit. His background as an actuary has definitely helped him out, he says, because these types of investments often feature complex mathematical problems that need to be solved. He works with institutional investors all over the world. This includes pension funds, insurance firms, sovereign wealth funds, and high net worth individuals.

Gareth Henry has developed an extensive network of clients and says that great communication skills are critical to his success. He has served as the head of global investor relations for a few different firms. This includes Angelo Gordon as well as Fortress Investments. He was also once the director of strategic solutions for the London, England-based firm Strategic Solutions. AT SEI Investments he as a money manager. He has also worked for Watson Wyatt LLP where he began his professional career as a financial analyst. Gareth Henry is a self-proclaimed “math geek”. He was always highly interested in math and so he earned a B.S. degree in actuarial math by attending the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

He says that a deep interest in math combined with both hard work and a personal touch has been instrumental at building his successful career. He is deeply engaged in a few different forms of private credit. This can include generating a steady flow of income to taking on higher degrees of risk in order to potentially realize greater returns. One type of private credit he works with quite often is mezzanine loans. These are a mixture of debt and equity that is invested in small to medium-sized firms. They have often been used to fund merger and acquisition transactions. Gareth Henry says that these have limited upside potential so you really need to be very sensitive to risk when investing in them.