Krishen Iyer Leverages Marketing Analytics Expertise and Communication to Create Winning Formula

Krishen Iyer, founder and CEO of Managed Benefits Services, recently gave an interview in which he described how he delivers successful results for his clients. Mr. Iyer, a graduate of San Diego State University, is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience in digital marketing and client relations. Prior to the inception of Managed Benefit Services, he was involved in several successful insurance related ventures.


Managed Benefit Services specializes in brokering relationships between concerns that require specialized marketing campaigns and lead generation companies that can provide the necessary specialization to a precise niche, primarily within the health and dental insurance industries. Mr. Iyer believes that marketing analytics, which can be described as the management and analysis of key metrics to determine ROI, is a fundamental means to providing a successful outcome.


In addition, Krishen Iyer is passionate about communication and believes that excellent communication is the cornerstone of the relationships that he develops with his clients. He adheres to the notion that worthwhile ideas come to fruition as the result of multiple viewpoints regarding a distinct idea. This is a business philosophy that engenders results that would not be possible with a more close-minded approach.


Krishen Iyer also believes that the technical innovations emerging in today’s business environment facilitate connections between individuals that would not have been possible historically. He firmly concludes that it is critical to devote a significant amount of attention to the development of products and services that facilitate mutually beneficial associations between disparate parties. Striving towards these win-win scenarios guarantees success not only for Managed Benefit Services, but for their customers and partners as well.

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