Madison Street Capital, the exclusive advisor to two IT industry leaders

Madison Street Capital (MSC) is an international banking company that serves the middle market. It acted as the primary financial advisor to DCG Software Value while it merged with The Spitfire Group, a technology consulting company with headquarters in Denver. DCG Software Value is a worldwide provider of software estimation services, function point analysis and software value management.


Charles Botchway, the CEO of MSC announced the transaction, which was led by Rodgers. However, the terms of the merger remained undisclosed. While making the announcement, Botchway said that the two companies had outstanding seasoned management teams, including the CEO of Spitfire Group, Mark Richtermeyer, and Mike Harris, the CEO of DCG Software Value. Botchway added that it was an excellent opportunity to serve the leaders of the Business IT industry.


Harris declared that Jay Rodgers provided them with thoughtful insight and powerful analysis throughout the deal. He stated that both Mike and he would work with MSC to enable them to find additional means of assisting more clients to expand their software values.


The Spitfire group specializes in aiding clients to attain alignment between technology initiatives and business objectives. The firm uses the “force multiplier” concept and comprises skilled and experienced professionals who help our team achieve higher performance levels while assisting our technologies. Spitfire Group also utilizes the most recent techniques to solve your most significant corporate challenges, whether it is project management, technology architecture assessment or custom development and integration projects.


DCG Software Value is a company dedicated to providing software analytics, agile support services, and software quality management. Since 1994, firms have depended on DCG to enhance improved resource management and decision making, and to impact their bottom line positively. DCG Software Value has a U.S business office in Malvern and a European corporate office in the UK. Objective Integrity, Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation uses DCG Software Value as its operating name.


Madison Street Capital is committed to serving its clients with integrity and excellence while incorporating leadership and service in offering financial advisory services to corporations. It also provides privately and publicly held businesses with financial opinions, merger, and acquisitions expertise and valuation services. Such services give their clients better market positioning which enables them to succeed in the international marketplace. MSC team treats each of its clients’ goals and objectives as its own when undertaking new projects.


MSC also takes emerging markets as the leading component fueling the global growth and expansion of its clients and promises to continue focusing significant assets of the clients in these markets. The company has acquired the trust of its clients across the globe by its unfaltering commitment to the highest levels of standards, professionally.


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