Dr. Richard Shinto Wants More Affordable Healthcare Services

In today’s world affordable and quality healthcare can be hard to come by. That’s why InnovaCare Health was created. As a leading provider of managed health plans and physician services, InnovaCare Health focuses heavily on providing quality medical care plans to all of their patients. Driven by their mission to break the barriers that may restrict access to quality healthcare, the team continues to deliver proven results and patient-focused plans. As participants of the Healthcare Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN), the leadership team is committed to delivering plans and payment models that follow the motto of quality over quantity.


President and CEO, Dr. Richard Shinto, is confident that the leadership team at InnovaCare posses both the education and the experience necessary to help navigate the difficult road to achieving these goals. Working closely with the company’s Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, he hopes to help influence and ultimately redefine the U.S. healthcare system in its entirety. As a physician, Dr. Shinto understands the importance of access to quality care. With more than 20 years of experience in operational and clinical Health Care Solutions, Dr. Shinto is confident in his contributions to the continued success of InnovaCare and has fully committed himself to helping patients get the care they need.


Dr. Shinto received his medical degree at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He also holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Redlands. Prior to his position with InnovaCare Health Solutions, he was the Chief Executive Officer at North American Medical Management.


This year InnovaCare was proud to announce that Dr.Shinto was recognized by Modern Healthcare as one of 2018’s top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare. The award aims the recognize leaders of healthcare systems who work diligently to ensure that communities of color have equal access to quality healthcare. Dr.Shinto is also the proud recipient of the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. His commitment to quality care and his success as an entrepreneur has helped establish him as one of today’s most innovative leaders in Managed Health Care.


Paul Mampilly the Investor

Paul Mampilly who has for the longest time been known as the Wall Street hedge fund manager got his Masters in Business Administration from Fordham University. Working in different capacities in the financial sector, he has gained experience in the investing business with his role at Kinetics Asset big his big break growing the company assets to $25 billion. This life of making loads of money for the wealthy persons in the society was wearing on Paul Mampilly, and he chooses to take a less involving role working as a research and investment analyst. Through this position, he gets to teach individuals on how to invest their money in a bid to achieve financial freedom, in his newsletters Paul gives them sound advice and tips on investment. Visit affiliatedork.com to learn more.

Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2006 and launched a newsletter named the ‘Profits Unlimited,’ and since its inception, it has had 90,000 subscribers. The newsletter which is eight pages details new investment opportunities that Paul considers viable stock options for the investor he also includes a “model portfolio” which he tracks. Other than the profits unlimited segment Paul Mampilly also manages True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes which are trading services and writes a weekly column for Winning Investor Daily.

In an interview Paul Mampily talks about how he transitioned from Wall Street to Main Street, his intentions he says were informed by his intention to help the average American build their wealth by making the right investment decisions that would result in profits. In regards to investing in stocks, he explains that since the introduction of computers the system of managing funds has transferred from being managed by a human. Currently, the algorithms and data analysis is done by Artificial Intelligence in the networks. The other significant change that has taken place is the introduction of ‘Exchange Traded Funds’ also known as EFTs in place of mutual funds. These Efts have made it hard to track investments and analyze their performance in a portfolio.

Paul Mampilly says the most significant mistake people do when it comes to investing is picking one stock and spending all their funds in it which he says is a horrible idea because if it happens to be a wrong venture, you end up losing all your cash. The other mistake he says is when people stake a considerable amount into the investment without analyzing the market trends first.

To learn more about Paul Mampilly, visit: https://paulmampillyguru.com/


Matt Badiali On How Economics Can Impact Oil Prices

Choosing excellent investments is often the result of skill and knowledge. Especially when the Investments are based on natural resources. One of Banyan’s Hills experts has a unique worldview that has been extremely beneficial to the newsletter. Matt Badiali has an extensive amount of experience in geology. In addition to a Master’s Degree from FAU (Florida Atlantic University) in geology pas. His past work experience includes working as a consultant in Singapore, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and New Guinea. Matt Badiali’s extensive background as a consultant has allowed him to gain a wide range of experience in how politics, natural resources and governments impact investments. This experience has allowed Banyan Hills to provide members exclusive insight into the investment world. Visit dailyreckoning.com to know more about Matt Badiali

One of Matt Badiali’s most recent article focused on oil prices. The oil industry has been quite challenging in the last few years. Even though there was an abundance of shale oil, companies struggled to remain afloat. In fact, over 100 companies were not able to survive and closed their doors between 2015 and 2017 over 100 oil. There have also been several challenges internationally in oil producing countries.

The middle east is always a hot spot. Currently, Yemen is facing some challenges in the region that may impact Saudi Arabia. Even though most of the attempts have been averted, analysts are still concerned about the region. Saudi Arabia currently produces more than 35% of the world’s oil. Any attacks in this region can destabilize the world’s marketplace.

President Trump has also withdrawn from the Iran Nuclear Deal, which can severely impact oil prices. Iran’s oil production increased significantly since President Obama decided to lift the economic sections. With the withdrawal of the deal, Iran may be restricted from selling oil internationally.

Another country that can significantly impact oil prices in Venezuela. Over the last couple of years, Venezuela has been facing an economic crisis. The country currently has significantly decreased the number of barrels of oil produced per day. The country produced up to 3 million of barrels at the height of their oil production. If the countries economy continues its steep decline, they may only be able to produce 200,000 barrels of oil a day.

Despite these facts, oil investments have produced a return of 30% above the S & P 500. Matt Badiali has carefully analyzed the market and selected companies that are still performing well in the current economy. One of the companies he recommended to Canada Sprout in a previous article. Matt Badiali monitors all aspects of the oil market carefully and even speaks to field workers to analyze an investment. Investors can rest assured the recommendations are researched extensively. Visit: http://inspirery.com/matt-badiali/


How Kevin Seawright Helps Baltimore Achieve Great Things

As a financial and administrative expert, Kevin Seawright is one of the top executives at Baltimore’s RPS Solutions, Inc. (Real Property Solutions). Serving as a managing partner and chief operating officer, he is instrumental in the company’s goal of increasing the homeownership rate in Baltimore. He and the rest of the team believe that owning a home helps both the community and the individual achieve better things. Follow Kevin Seawright on Twitter.

As Kevin Seawright says, one of the big benefits of owning a home is building financial wealth. As the value of the home increases so to does the net worth of the person, or persons, who own it. Also, homeownership helps the broader community. Homeowners tend to treat their homes and neighborhoods better than those who are just renting. They improve the home and take care about doing what they can to improve their neighborhood. Through homeownership Baltimore overall will be an improved place for everyone to live and work in.

Kevin Seawright has been active in the community throughout the course of his professional career. For a decade he worked in a variety of positions for the city of Baltimore, managing everything from payroll to watching over the finances of the Department of Recreation and Parks. He had a number of accomplishments while working with the city, such as when he was the chief financial officer of the Department of Recreations and Parks and reduced the department’s deficit in regards to its fiscal budget by $600,000 in the first year he was employed by this government entity.

It was in March 2011 that Kevin Seawright left being employed by the public and instead entered the private industry. His first job was at a Washington D.C. based company called Tito Contractors. He was brought in as the vice president of operations. This included allocating $50 million budget for their projects in the Mid-Atlantic region. He also handled collective bargaining agreements among other duties.

Having been with RPS Solutions for over two years, Seawright has brought his extensive experience in handling budgets and personnel. He brings organizational stability to the company and helps it achieve its goals.

View : https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/kevin-seawrights-rps-solutions-llc-secures-first-housing-contract-through-partnership-with-the-national-community-stabilization-trust-300639840.html


Banyan Hill Publishing is a platform for investors to obtain top of the line investment advise from a panel of seasoned experts. Being an investor in cryptocurrency myself, I am always looking for the best up and coming coins at the best prices to get skin in the game. Although I preferably like to analyze investments by the numbers, e.g. looking at potential market cap, circulating supply, and long-term pricing, it is always good to hear financial experts opinions alongside any numerical predictions. One big part of Banyan Hill Publishing’s success comes from publisher Ted Bauman, an accomplished advisor and editor serving the publication since 2013. In this article, we will recap a recent article in Crunchbase.com highlighting Banyan Hill Publishing and discuss editor Ted Bauman’s key roles in making the publication a success. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ted Bauman

Per the Crunchbase.com article, Banyan Hill Publishing started in 1998 and began providing global trends in the economy and investment trends to its subscribers. Early on, it adopted the name of “The Sovereign Society” and was an instant success in the eyes of many investors. The name of the publication changed in 2016 to “Banyan Hill Publishing”. The focus of the new publication is to train investors to independently make sound decisions towards planning for their financial future. It is further explained in the article that Banyan Hill Publishing makes financial decisions more simplistic for the investor that does not have the time or money to make invaluable decisions about their finances without incurring any of the unnecessary risks. Next, we will discuss Ted Bauman and his contributions to the publication.

Ted was born in Washington D.C. and was raised on the east coast. Ted graduated from the University of Cape Town. After college, Ted landed a position as fund manager for a successful non-profit organization in South Africa. Ted currently serves as the primary editor for The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert and the Plan B Club publications. Ted has a solid reputation with growing investor’s wealth and his publications have provided solid returns over the years. Much of the publication’s success comes from Ted’s editorials and price predictions against the major exchanges.

As you can see, Ted Bauman is a key contributor to the success of Banyan Hill Publishing. Investors should tune in to Ted and the Banyan Hill Publishing team to get the best strategies for their investments. Read more: https://analystoffinance.com/2018/01/ted-bauman-whats-wrong-bitcoin/


The purpose for the creations of Alex Pall

Alex Pall whose birth name is Alexander Pall was born in the year 1985. He was raised by his mother and father who was an artist. He studied up to the level of a master’s degree which he attained in the year 2007. He then joined the music industry as a disc Jockey with his partner Andrew Taggart. His venture in the music industry started to bear fruit in the year 2012.


Apart from being a disc jockey, he is a song composer. He composed lyrics for the ‘closer’ song which featured Hasley and The Chainsmokers. Apart from music, he is also an actor. A balance of all the things he does shows that he is generally an artist.


When composing music, according to him, he concentrates on what is going on in the society. This increases the relevance of his music. Apart from that, he also puts into consideration the aspect of timelessness. He wants people to enjoy their music at whatever age they are. That is why for him it feels like such a gr5eat achievement when his fans’ base ranges from little children to even the old in society.


From his social media profiles, it is evident that he appreciates family a lot. On his Instagram, he recently posted a picture of his sister and made a very flattering comment. There are also very many posts of his family moments. This goes on to prove that he is very sentimental.


The Chainsmokers is one of the greatest achievements he has made in his life. According to him, they have grown to an extent that he did not even imagine at any point in life. What has placed them afloat is the fact that they have tried their best to be adventurous. They keep trying out new things. Mostly, these turn out to favor the changing tastes and preferences of their fans.


He is very sentimental. This is reflected even by his ambitions and reasons for creating music. He does not only aim at entertaining, he aims at assisting people to check and rediscover themselves as well.



Work Experience Of Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is a prominence dental surgeon throughout Europe. He went to the University of London, Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. Therefore, Sachedina is highly experienced and qualified dentist making him more reputable for years. Due to his reputation and professionalism in dental services has enabled him to work with big healthcare centers.

He serves at Sussex Healthcare Center as co-chairperson. The company is leading in healthcare services and has about 19 homes where quality care services are offered to elderly and other patients with disabilities to meet their healthy needs.

His passion for dental care led him with other partners to establish Sussex Healthcare Company so that they can be able to provide quality services to patients. Also, since he had worked with many health cares after he graduated from the University of London enabled him to fit well to his position in Sussex. As the care was established, they ensured that the services were affordable to old people and other patients and above all they ensured that the Sussex was located at a place that is suitable for patients in getting better faster. Currently, the Sussex healthcare center is most preferred by patients for its reliable services and for this reason, most patients do recommend it to others.

Mr. Shafik is a great philanthropist that gets him involved intensively in community activities. For this reason, he serves with the Institute of Ismaili Studies. This institute is located in London, England that its primary objective is to support the culture of Muslim societies. Mostly, is to ensure that there is a better understanding and established relationships between the Muslims and other faiths. Also, it has been the duty of the Institute of Ismaili to help the Ismaili community to understand their history and ethnic concept. Therefore, Shafik Sachedina ensures that all the programs from the institute are well coordinated and operated in e right manner that will benefit the Muslims.

Significantly, it is crucial to note the contributions and successes of Shafik Sachedina in his career as a dentist. Ranging from Sussex Healthcare center to the Institute of Ismaili where the two firms have been able to record a tremendous growth. The employees serving under the leadership of Shafik Sachedina enjoy their working environment and a salary since it is worth their effort. The inspiration and motivation from their leader make them work hard to ensure the success of that firm.

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Madison Street Capital, the exclusive advisor to two IT industry leaders

Madison Street Capital (MSC) is an international banking company that serves the middle market. It acted as the primary financial advisor to DCG Software Value while it merged with The Spitfire Group, a technology consulting company with headquarters in Denver. DCG Software Value is a worldwide provider of software estimation services, function point analysis and software value management.


Charles Botchway, the CEO of MSC announced the transaction, which was led by Rodgers. However, the terms of the merger remained undisclosed. While making the announcement, Botchway said that the two companies had outstanding seasoned management teams, including the CEO of Spitfire Group, Mark Richtermeyer, and Mike Harris, the CEO of DCG Software Value. Botchway added that it was an excellent opportunity to serve the leaders of the Business IT industry.


Harris declared that Jay Rodgers provided them with thoughtful insight and powerful analysis throughout the deal. He stated that both Mike and he would work with MSC to enable them to find additional means of assisting more clients to expand their software values.


The Spitfire group specializes in aiding clients to attain alignment between technology initiatives and business objectives. The firm uses the “force multiplier” concept and comprises skilled and experienced professionals who help our team achieve higher performance levels while assisting our technologies. Spitfire Group also utilizes the most recent techniques to solve your most significant corporate challenges, whether it is project management, technology architecture assessment or custom development and integration projects.


DCG Software Value is a company dedicated to providing software analytics, agile support services, and software quality management. Since 1994, firms have depended on DCG to enhance improved resource management and decision making, and to impact their bottom line positively. DCG Software Value has a U.S business office in Malvern and a European corporate office in the UK. Objective Integrity, Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation uses DCG Software Value as its operating name.


Madison Street Capital is committed to serving its clients with integrity and excellence while incorporating leadership and service in offering financial advisory services to corporations. It also provides privately and publicly held businesses with financial opinions, merger, and acquisitions expertise and valuation services. Such services give their clients better market positioning which enables them to succeed in the international marketplace. MSC team treats each of its clients’ goals and objectives as its own when undertaking new projects.


MSC also takes emerging markets as the leading component fueling the global growth and expansion of its clients and promises to continue focusing significant assets of the clients in these markets. The company has acquired the trust of its clients across the globe by its unfaltering commitment to the highest levels of standards, professionally.


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Flavio Maluf Fights for the Passing of the Tax Incentive Laws

For most Brazilian entrepreneurs, maintaining a healthy business is a significant challenge. From the look of the current tax reports, this is linked to the fact that Brazil has high tax burdens that act as an impediment to businesses. Nevertheless, it is possible for entrepreneurs to handle this situation by involving the government. According to Flavio Maluf, a prominent entrepreneur who hails from Brazil, the government should address the tax burden by working on new policies that will accommodate different businesses at ago. Visit barbacenaonline.com to learn more.

Background Information

As such, the Fiscal Incentive Laws offer companies the chance to spend part of the value of money they used to pay taxes towards more constructive projects. For instance, the funds can be directed to social, cultural or scientific research projects. Additionally, this money can be used on technological and health programs. Moreover, he adds that the tax law will be very instrumental in fostering the economic as well as the social development projects of the country.

Benefits of the Tax Law

While the tax incentive law could be very beneficial, it does not mean that business professionals should now avoid paying taxes. Besides, companies must spend some amount on the same responsibility just like in the past. What is more, the difference only lies in the amount and the differences uses it will have with the new tax law. The president of Eucatex breaks it further by stating that if the government approves this proposal, Brazil’s entrepreneurial industry will enjoy the benefits of a financial saving plan.

More into the Tax Law

Furthermore, it is critical to note that the country has local tax incentives for different localities. Additionally, this incentive policy granted to companies highly benefits the regions with the Manaus Free Zone being the most significant area that this law has impacted.

Describing Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is highly revered as an entrepreneur following his input to the industry of business. First practicing in 1987, he has been working as the head of Eucatex for more than ten years. Moreover, he uses his expertise in marketing to identify with the society and emerging business professionals who aspire to make it in business. As such, he has always contributed to their lives through writing helpful articles. Follow: https://twitter.com/flavio_maluf


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Knows How To Run Bradesco

Since starting with Bradesco bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi always put the customers first. He knew they were the most important part of the company and always wanted to make sure he was taking care of them in every way. It was his goal of helping that allowed him the chance to do things the right way. By the time he started giving other people the right options they could rely on, he knew what it would take to get to different options while he was working on them.

Thanks to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, things continued getting better for Bradesco. The bank went from a good bank to a great bank. Bradesco bank is the largest bank in Brazil. He knew the bank would perform better than ever if he had a chance to do things the right way and he also knew it would be better than most of the other ones if he did things the right way. By the time he started working as the CEO of Bradesco, he found there were things he could do that were better than what most people saw in other banking situations. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, things continued getting better and people kept seeing the bank as a positive option for themselves and others.

There were times when Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had to make sure he was doing everything the right way. If he didn’t know how to help people, he couldn’t show them what they needed to know. He also couldn’t make it easier for them to get the positive experiences that came from the industry. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the point of all of the things he does is making sure people can see positive experiences. He likes the customers to know he does what he can to help them and isn’t afraid to show them how hard he works to help them.

Read more: Bradesco: New president to leave executive body, says Trabuco

When Luiz does things the right way, he feels good about the work he’s offering other people. He also feels the bank has a chance to keep getting better as long as he can show people what they need out of it. It’s his goal of helping that made him want to keep growing Bradesco according to meioemensagem.com.br. Luiz believes it’s important to always put customers first and give them the things that will help them while they’re working on different things in the banking industry.

Between doing this and offering experiences people can rely on, Luiz knows Bradesco is the best bank for people to use. He also knows the bank will keep growing and people will keep seeing it as something they can use no matter what they’re doing. Luiz likes people to keep looking at the things he offers and keep doing everything that will make sense for them. By the time he started working at the bank as clerk, Luiz already knew he could be a huge influencer in the banking industry. Even when he was just in an entry-level position, he knew he had the ability to grow the bank and make it so much better.

Visit folha.uol.com.br for more details about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.