Betsy DeVos is Prepared to Make Her Political Stances Known

Betsy DeVos works for the Trump administration as the education secretary. She is a fitting education secretary for her philanthropy to the education of students throughout her home state of Michigan. She is generally seen as quiet and polite in nature, but she is at ease with making her political stances known. Her polite nature makes people assume that she is not ready to make it clear where she stands, but she has never backed down from making it clear.


In light of the President opting to remove protections that were put in place to keep bathrooms available to transgender students, DeVos put in her two cents. She pointed out the need for students to feel safe in schools. The transgender bathroom bill helps students feel safe in school when they use the rest room. She pointed out that the president nixing this bill violated student rights to feel safe in school, but that schools could create their own bathroom rules. She firmly stood up for the rights of students in this case scenario.


Another recent instance of Betsy DeVos making her stance well known was the scenario involving the school shooter in Florida. She called upon an open debate to be held within Congress. Her views on the shooter are primarily that the individual had a mental health issue and that mental issues need to be addressed with more thorough mental health care. This differentiates from other representatives of Congress, but she’s comfortable with showing what her views are despite them being different. This is a good strength to have to be able to say your stance and to also call for an open debate. It means she’s open to debating her stance and looking at other conclusions that those in Congress or the education department have come across concerning solutions to the shooting issue.


Betsy DeVos will continue being firm with her political stances during debates or handling education issues. Her voucher system and school choice system are the efforts she has been focusing on doing for the American school system and testing out different ideas. Betsy DeVos and others who approve of her being chosen as education secretary have said that she is a good choice for education secretary because she is open and willing to try out new ideas. The education department will hopefully benefit from an education secretary who is willing to test out new ideas to help students.


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