How Dr. Saad Saad Became A Medical Innovator

Innovation is a word that is commonly associated with the technology industry. Many people think of innovation as only being a slick new app designed by an up-and-coming startup or a new way of approaching business that is espoused by a charismatic chief executive officer. However the concept of innovation itself is far broader and much more profound than its mere application to the industry of technology. Professionals from a very wide number of industries and disciplines also have the capability of being innovative even if they don’t work with technology. Innovation is simply about the process of developing new ideas and new ways of doing things especially ways that deviate from the commonly accepted wisdom that exists in many professions. if one were to examine the career of Dr. SaadSaad they could likely conclude that he is one of the many innovators that exists in the field of medicine. Learn more:


Dr. SaadSaad is a surgeon who specializes in the discipline of pediatric surgery. Dr. SaadSaad could be considered a medical innovator because he has used his skills as a surgeon that was trained at the Cairo University School of Medicine to improve upon the processes that pediatric surgeons use to operate on their patients. Dr. SaadSaad was able to develop a technique that was a more efficient way of performing surgery. His goal was to alleviate the pain and to reduce the amount of time that his patients required as they healed from their surgical procedures. He was able to do this by streamlining a surgical procedure that once required two incisions on a patient. Getting rid of the second incision in this procedure meant that the patients experienced less pain and were able to recover more quickly. This new technique proved that the second incision which was once thought to be necessary was not needed to successfully perform the procedure. Dr. SaadSaad was able to use his new procedure more than 2000 times throughout his career.


Dr. SaadSaad’s passion for driving medical innovation didn’t just stop there. He also went on to develop other ways to improve upon pediatric surgery including ways to operate on the esophagus, the diaphragm as well as hernias in addition to being a medical innovator. Dr. SaadSaad has also had an exemplary career in surgery that is matched by few other doctors. Dr. SaadSaad has served as the pediatric surgeon in chief and the co-director of the K. Hovnanion Children’s Hospital in Neptune City, New Jersey. He has also worked for the royal family of Saudi Arabia and has used his skills as a pediatric surgeon to serve the children of the the Royal Family.


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