Omar Boraie is the Reason New Brunswick is Alive

Omar Boraie worked with his real estate company, Boraie Development LLC, to completely turn around New Brunswick, New Jersey. Every citizen owes him their gratitude for making their city as wonderful as it is.


Omar Boraie wanted New Brunswick to be as influential as any European city that he saw during his travels. When he asked his business associates if they thought that was possible, they laughed and shook their heads. However, he believed in his heart it was possible, and he dedicated the remainder of his life in making it happen.


Omar Boraie does not like to let the world know of his habits as a donor since he is a humble man. However, according to, Omar has donated over $150 million into making the city thrive. He has focused on the commercial and residential sectors of his city. Omar Boraie has received no personal gain from building these areas. In fact, any profit that is made in those areas, he donates as grant money back to the city.


Boraie Development LLC has been used by Omar Boraie to accomplish four goals in the city of New Brunswick. They wanted to begin by helping New Brunswick be a place that families wanted to raise their children. They then wanted to begin working with businesses to move into the city. After that, they wanted to keep current jobs in the area. Finally, they wanted to bring back the middle-class professional.


Omar Boraie set out to achieve the first goal by initiating several programs in the city. One of the most popular was the “Free Summer Movie Series.” According to the article published on New Jersey Stage, Omar Boraie reached out to the Stage Theater to provide some much needed family time. Omar provided over seven free movie nights that spanned over a two month period. This was attended by a whopping 7,500 people. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.


Omar Boraie set out to achieve the second goal by providing high classed business real-estate for middle-class prices. This appealed to middle-class professionals who opened their own private practices. This allowed them to appear that they were of a higher tier than they really were.


Omar Boraie set out to achieve the third goal by convincing the medical giant Johnson and Johnson to stay. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Omar Boraie set out to achieve the fourth goal by building the Aspire residential tower to keep professionals living in the city. Visit statetheatrenj to see more.




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