Customer Comments On The Securus Network Prevents Crime

Securus Technologies refuses to fail their customers with a quality crime prevention tool which encourages customer feedback. Their forum is listed directly on their website and encourages customer the safety of the general public. Amazingly, they were one of the first inmate calling providers to implement such a program. In fact, Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith decided to use their initial government mandated monitoring, surveillance, and security to implement a successful crime prevention program. Each month thousands of customers are making the switch to their cost effective, but also stabilized inmate calling network. Learn more about their features directly on their website.


Securus Technologies Features


Remote Visits


Visit your friends and love ones securely over the internet and save more time and money. Were you one of those people who traveled to a correctional facility faithfully to visit someone? The remote visitation feature allows you to visit an inmate when you’re included on their visiting list.


Website Forum


Securus Technologies invites their customers to prevent telecommunication crimes before they start by leaving customer feedback on their wewebsiteYou can also make a confidential complaint with one of their reliable IT professionals.


Become a part of the stable Securus network today.


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