Switch To Securus Technologies For Your Inmate Calling Needs

Securus Technologies, a interactive inmate calling regulator is proudly overseen by Rick A. Smith. His goal is to provide superior protection initiatives for the general public. He ensures Securus was one of the first providers in the network to provide their clients with safety features to eliminate illegal telephone trafficking, illegal money transfers, and trade. Their job is to ensure their customers receive the to monitoring, and surveillance. They are also the recipients of the very popular Stevie Award for customer service excellence. Smith says, Securus is one of the few networks willing to put their customers first.


Securus Technologies Features


Remote Visitation


Visit the ones you love conveniently over the internet with a one of a kind high definition video, and optimum sound. Flow their progress on a correctional facility conveniently online with a valid payment method, and compatible device.


Packaging Services


Securus Technologies would like to create a packaging services initiative with a partnership with the Keefe Group. They will offer top brands in personal hygiene, food, clothing items, shoes, and electronics. Inmates, and their families will have access to this feature online, or through their telephone number.


Today, Securus leads the industry as one of the top inmate calling networks

Their rates are chosen over their competitors $4 to $1. They ensure their customers receive affordability along with guaranteed services that has eliminated dreadful dropped calls. Their customer feedback platform allows you to see what other customers are saying about Securus Technologies. They were one of the first networks to create a for for customer feedback, and are recent participants of the prestigious Stevie Award for a high level of customer service excellence. You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details on their promotional offers, services, and features.


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