Sawyer Howitt Gives Tips To Young Entrepreneurs

     Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur who wrote a great article providing a list of things a young entrepreneur should know. The first tip to young entrepreneurs was to just start your business and don’t wait for the right moment to do it. Howitt mentioned that the right time to launch a business is the present time, unless there’s a major legal hurdle that has to be jumped.

The second tip was to hire the right employees and keep them happy. One example he gave is if you want to hire laid-back employees that create a zany culture, then you probably don’t want to hire hyper-professional kinds of people. He also said you want to reward workers’ achievements because happy workers work harder.

Howitt’s third tip was to remain focus because distraction only destroys would-be entrepreneurs. His other tip was to mind the numbers. He mentioned how all businesses are riddled with numbers and they need to be paid attention to.

His last tip to young entrepreneurs was to either work on their people skills or find a partner who is sociable. This is because there is a lot of talking with strangers involved with being a businessperson. He advises people to find someone who has people skills if they don’t have them themselves.

About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is a project manager at Meriwether Group. Sawyer is currently a senior in high school. His focused is mainly on finance and efforts on business.

Howitt has also taken part in various philanthropic courses. He is known for championing for mentoring youths, as well as for fighting for women’s rights. He has also been involved in leading an ethnic study group.

Howitt is serious about furthering his career as a businessperson, which is why he will be attending the University of California in the near future. He’ll be attending the Berkeley campus. He plans on graduating from the school’s Entrepreneurial Finance program. His father is an established entrepreneur, and he has learnt a lot from him. Not only that, but he has also been learning a lot from others in the Meriwether Group, as well as the people they help build their own companies.

It is fair to say that Howitt has a bright future as an entrepreneur and he knows a lot about being a young businessperson. It is also evident that he is passionate about helping others succeed.

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