Securus Technologies Connecting What Matters

Securus Technologies hears out facility staff comments on the technology to solve and prevent crimes. Securus Technologies provides technology that revolutionizes to improve public safety. Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, noted that on average once per week they develop a new product.


  • Thanks to Securus for their assistance with information from a phone call that help to arrest a staff member.”
  • “The calls monitored contained information about inmate alcohol use and drug contraband.”
  • “A decade now, the facility has relied on technology by Sercurus Technologies. It’s encouraging that they are so helpful.”
  • “Impressed by Securus development of capabilities.”
  • “The reporting data has enhanced the way we monitor contraband.”
  • “Investigative tools help when there is a complaint of harassment.”
  • “I called you in the middle of an investigation and with your help we took suspect into custody.”
  • “With a conversation about a murder it will be instrumental in solving the case.”
  • “The LBS service alone are enough for us to keep using Securus.”


Securus Technologies headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Securus Technologies provides emergency response, investigation, monitoring products, etc. Focusing on connecting what matters to make living safer.


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