EOS Lip Balm Ranks Second in Sales in Seven Years of Launch

An upstart called EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) has changed the lip balm industry in seven years. EOS, which abbreviates the company’s official name, Evolution of Smooth, has taken a square shot at the titans of the lip balm industry. In the end, this is no minor accomplishment, considering the size of the lip balm industry in the United States and in other countries the world over.

EOS introduced pastel-colored product onto the market in 2010. Unlike traditional brands that come in tubes, EOS lip balm comes in orbs with vibrant colors.

Within very little time, EOS lip balm started appearing on shelves of retail outlets across the United States and in other locales as well. Major U.S. retailers like Walgreens, Costco, Walmart, and Target now stock the product.

Beauty editors at major publications like Cosmo began writing positively about EOS lip balm.

Ultimately, famous folks like Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian started popping out and using orbs of EOS lip balm. That spurred even more attention to the product.

In little time, EOS grew into a $250 million enterprise. EOS sales are second only to Burt’s Bees. EOS is now outselling Chapstick and Blistex

At the present time, EOS lip balm sells approximately 1 million units weekly. Industry analyst anticipate that the company will reach the $2 billion mark in sales by 2020.

Before its launch, EOS made the decision to refashion the way lip balm is sold. This includes its innovative round packaging, the colors used for its orbs, the tasty flavors, and the clicking sound the packaging makes when opened and closed. The company has adopted the marketing and advertising tagline of “The lip balm that makes you smile.”

An Independent Technology Judge to Determine Securus Technology’s Superiority Ratio over Global Tel Link (GTL)

There is no question as to the superiority of Securus Technology to GTL. We
only want to know the ratio. Some customers said that it is 4:1; we shall
leave that to an independent judge to decide.

It amounts to an insult for GTL to compare itself to Securus Technology
considering the wide margin of superiority Securus Technology enjoys.
Claiming to be on the same level with a superior firm shows that any word
coming from GTL should never be taken serious. This situation forced
Securus Technology to throw a challenge at GTL that will see an independent
technology judge determine between them who has a better customer service metrics, who has a larger and better product set, who has invested more, and who has a more modern/high tech/efficient/sophisticated calling

To get to the height they are at the moment, they
had to invest over $700 million into their business acquiring companies,
product development and technologies including a US Customer Service Center and a state of the art Technology. GTL though have lofty dreams but are without the willpower to pay the price; they still make do with older, less
feature-rich, less efficient, primarily premise-based systems, and not
fully centralized processing systems.

Securus Technology does not beg to be mentioned in any comment by GTL as
its customers already know its worth considering the quality services it
offers. GTL will do well to turn down the challenge or pick it and soiled
its image further. While declining to go for a challenge, it has to tender
an apology and stop making bogus and false claims henceforth. We live in a
free world; if it wants to get to the level of Securus Technology and rob
shoulders then it should pay the price in terms of investing more and
giving the customers better service. In short, borrow a leaf from Securus


Securus Technologies remains the leading provider of criminal and civil
justice technology solutions for public safety, monitoring, investigation
and corrections. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas with several
branches in the United State and all over North America.