We Punish Our Hair With Chemicals; WEN By Chaz Provides The Healthy Repair

Chemical treatments can curl, color and straighten hair in no time but at what cost?

We all like our hair to appear a certain way, and usually that requires a little chemical magic, so to speak.

Chemicals are strong, harsh and act quickly to alter our hair structure. Perming, relaxing, bleaching and coloring are all incredible processes that can allow our mane to look glam and on-trend. The only problem, these treatments do a number on our strands, and within a few weeks, our tresses can become brittle, weak, dull and limp.

The fastest way to repair damaged hair is to cut it and maintain a salon routine. As important are the hair care products we choose to feed our mane its necessary nutrients. If you’re buying drugstore shampoos and conditioners, you’re probably adding even more chemicals to your already chemically processed locks. Detergents like sulfates might add lather to your cleansing, but these are weakening your mane.

That’s why famous celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, http://chazdean.com/, invented his iconic WEN by Chaz hair care brand. His products are pure and based on natural fruit and botanical extracts. There are zero sulfates in any bottle of WEN by Chaz. Instead, the entire line is full of healthy ingredients without a lather, and yet, these unique cleansing conditioners do the ultimate hair care job.

There are plenty of WEN products to select from, and all of them smell spectacular. Consider the Amazon best selling Sweet Almond Mint, Lavender or Pomegranate. His line offers hair products that not only cleanse, but boost, style and treat your entire mane. You will notice a major hair change after one use.  Need we say more? Visit the Wen.com website or Guthy-Renker.com to order online!