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In the year 2014, one of the most exciting investment opportunities, at least in the eyes of investment giant Fortress Investment Groups, is actually the country of Brazil. Why is this so?

Gareth Henry, an executive at the $63 billion hedge fund firm claims this is due to the year’s election that is coming up. There has been excellent trading in regards to the real (the name of Brazilian currency), in interest rates, and in the trading of equities. He firmly believes that these trends will continue after the elections are done and over with. His feelings are shared by other Fortress Investment Group executives such as Mike Novogratz.

Gareth Henry thinks the election results will favor the opponent of current President Dilma Rousseff. Henry believes she will lose the election and the assets of the Brazilian market will rally even further.

Along with the South American of Brazil, Gareth Henry considers the overseas countries of Scotland and Japan as huge investment opportunities. He thinks that the current burgeoning “Abenomics”, in reference to leader Shinzo Abe, will be wonderful for the country, which has already seen incredible market trading activity.

The recent independence vote which failed in Scotland may have left some things uncertain in the country but it was wonderful news for market traders, who took advantage of the turmoil for their benefit.

Gareth Henry has stated in recent interviews he is keeping his eye on global politics in the coming year as international markets will be prime investment opportunities for those who know what they are doing. Since he is head of a $63 billion company, it is certainly evident that he knows exactly what he is doing. Whether anyone who is reading chooses to follow his advice is up to them but it would certainly be in their best interest.

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