Copa Star; Offering Quality Healthcare to the Residents of Rio

The Copa Star is a famous hospital in Rio de Janeiro. The hospital is worth $115 million. It has five floors. The Copa Star has 150 beds. 105 beds are for in-patients and the rest for ICU patients. It has a diagnostic center and nine surgical rooms. The hospital was opened last October after three years of construction. It is located in Copacabana in the southern area of Rio.

Copa Star has integrated technology into its service to offer better healthcare service. The Copa Star combines luxury, technology, and professionalism to provide a wholesome experience to patients. The hospital’s structure is similar to that of a five-star hotel. This is in accordance with the wishes of the hospital’s developers. The hospital has a smart hospitality system that gives patients access to many perks. Every room is fitted with an iPad that allows a patient to speak to a doctor or to call for assistance from the nurses. Patients can also view their examination results on the iPad. They can choose to discuss them with their physicians. Read more at about Copa Star.

A patient can change the room’s lighting and adjust the curtains at the tap of a button on the tablet device. The patient can adjust the bed by using the tablet. The entrance of the hospital has several health professionals who are always ready with stretchers to meet patients who arrive at the hospital. They understand that every minute counts when it comes to the health of a patient. The lobby has more than 200 works of art by Yutaka Toyota who is a Japanese painter. The art creates a calm ambiance. The hospital is fitted with an internal aromatization system to keep the air sanitized and fresh.

The staff members were trained for two months before the opening of the hospital. They were taken through every possible emergency situation to ensure that they know how to respond in case of any incident. They were instructed by professionals on the most appropriate clothes to wear and makeup to apply. The hospital has more than 500 employees. 120 of them are doctors. The Rede D’Or is looking forward to developing similar hospitals in other cities in Brazil including Brasilia and Sao Paulo.

Copa Star was started to take care of the people of Rio de Janeiro who had to travel to other cities to get world-class treatment. The hospital staff is accommodated at nearby hotels so that they are always close to their patients. Other hospital departments including billing and supply are located in a nearby building. Every patient at the hospital is accorded with the privilege of hosting one family member in their rooms. The hospital understands that family plays a predominant role in the recovery of a patient. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Sawyer Howitt Can Help Your Small Business Investments

Small business owners may not want to grow bigger, but even if they do not want to grow bigger in terms of size, they want to make sure they see a return on their initial investment. Seeing this monetary growth requires careful strategy and planning. Many small business owners do not have MBA degrees. If they do not know how to acquire more capital or invest wisely, they may be stuck at their current level. Helping a small business owner figure out how to wisely invest his money is a specialty of the Sawyer Howitt Merriwether Group.

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Investing, even if it is not done in the traditional manner can seem like a daunting task. As with anything else worth doing in business, it involves taking risks. Of course, taking risks is what business is all about. Getting an outside opinion can help someone decide if something is a good risk or a bad risk. Contact Meriwether Group today to find out more.




Roberto Santiago Redefines Malls And Family

Roberto Santiago is a man who has tried his level best to change the idea of good old fashioned family time fun in Brazil. An entrepreneur by profession, Roberto Santiago is the man and soul behind the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall is located in the Manaira neighborhood and has changed the way people view shopping malls. His idea of fun was to make something for everyone so that no one will be left out of having a good time with their friends and family. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has become one of the most iconic malls in Brazil with a large amount of amenities it provides its patrons – all under one roof. Read more articles at

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the biggest malls in Brazil. This was one of the most prestigious projects that Roberto Santiago undertook, which has cemented his place in the world of business in Brazil. At fifty-eight, Roberto Santiago has become the face of family time fun in Brazil. But as successful as he is today, Roberto Santiago was not always into businesses. In fact, when he was younger, he started out his professional career as a writer. He began writing about the country and the various things happening around him. He soon gained immense popularity and a large fan following of people who eagerly waited for him to put out his next article. By gaining such support of the people, he began to understand the market trends in the industry and what people wanted. He then switched onto entrepreneurship and opened his first mall in Brazil, the Mangabeira Shopping Mall.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall was one of the biggest projects that Roberto Santiago has undertaken in his professional career. The mall first opened its doors in 1989 and since then has become an iconic landmark in the area and has gained a place in people’s hearts. Roberto Santiago wanted to create a mall that provides its patrons with an all-round amazing experience – and he did!

Learn more:,e09ef288deaa3d300d489b02fd39d65dqaqt790n.html

When it comes to the amenities in the mall, this place has a lot! When it comes to shopping, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has some of the biggest and best stores in the country from both domestic and international brands. The mall is equipped with a fully functional movie theater which has over eleven screens and a bowling alley for people to spend their time in. View more articles on

The Divine Purpose of the Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah involves the study of gaining a deeper comprehension of the meaning and purpose of our lives. This is achieved by having a connection with the essence of God, referred to as the Light and maintaining this spiritual connection to the Light. The traditional Orthodox Jews cite it as an old age representation of wisdom that allows the individual to create peace, fulfillment and lasting joy. Kabbalah also enlightens an individual on the nature of God and His ulterior motive for the universe and creation in it as well.

The Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with a global representation in locations like London, Toronto among others. It was founded as the National Research Institute Of Kabbalah in the US during the late 19th century. This move was engineered by Rav Berg and Rav Tzvi Brandwein and was marked as an important step in expanding the reach of Kabbalah Centre in the international community.

The Practice Of Kabbalah In modern Day

Initially, the practice of Kabbalah was confined to the Jewish community due to the fact it expressed teachings that were not found in the Torah. Presently, many people, celebrities included, are integrating this practice into their daily lives. The Kabbalah Centre avails a platform for its students to interact with individuals of like-minded ideas and also build their spiritual lives. The Centre teaches with reference to the Zohar.

Most notably, Marylin Monroe practiced Kabbalah due to the fundamental family values it advocated for. She even went to the extent of converting to Judaism so as to embrace this practice more. Madonna also lives by the doctrines of the Kabbalah and even cites one of its tenets as her daily mantras; everyone was created and put on the earth to help one another.

Citing the Kabbalah Centre as a proponent for religious fads, the Orthodox Jews claim that The Kabbalah Centre does not represent the Jewish tradition and has deviated from traditional teachings. The teachers in the centre retaliated and stated that the action of simplifying the teachings make it more accessible to the modern man.

The Mystic Hollywood

You wouldn’t think it but one of the growing trends among Hollywood elites is the study of an ancient Jewish mysticism called Kabbalah. The most important figure in Hollywood leading this charge is Madonna. She has opened up numerous Kabbalah centres and has exposed other celebrities to Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah centre in Los Angeles is home to many people including celebrities struggling with various difficulties in life. Paris Hilton, after her breakup with Nick Carter, admitted that the Kabbalah Centre has helped her cope with her split. This Jewish mysticism is based on the Zohar, the fundamental text studied in the Kabbalah centre. It has a very treasured and holy place in the jewish religion. The Centre was opened up originally in Jerusalem in 1922 by Rabbi Yehudah Ashlag. Rabbi Yehudah is most famous for his translation and commentary on the Kabbalah and Zohar from Aramaic to Hebrew.

The Kabbalah Centre has since branched to over five thousand locations including Los Angeles. It holds special classes for celebrities including one on ones with special rabbis. It also holds special services and prayers. One of the central points that the Kabbalah centre tries to impart on its members is that the purpose of life is to help others with whatever means you can. For some people that can be a life of activism, and for others it can be a life of humanitarian. Many celebrities have used the Kabbalah centre as a springboard for a full conversion into Judaism including the late Elizabeth Taylor.

Despite the growing attention and rapid growth by the Kabbalah Centre, things haven’t always been so smooth. Many celebrities have treated Kabbalah as the latest hip flavor of the month to be adopted and thrown away. Some celebrities, like Britney Spears, have since transitioned to Hinduism or Buddhism in their search for some truth. It has also been attacked from the more orthodox sections of Judaism declining to endorse their mass teaching style open to the public. Undeterred by these stumbles the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles and Kabbalah Centre across the world continue to grow and teach people the hidden mysticism contained in Judaism.

Anthony Petrello Biography

Nabors industries has emerged as a worldwide power in the oil and drilling industry. In fact, they have emerged as the premier land-based drilling company in the entire world. So how did that come to be?

Without question, Tony Petrello has played a large role in the growth of this company. He has served as chief executive officer of Nabors industries for multiple decades and has steered the ship accordingly. Because of this, it has grown to be a top company in the world and continuously provides career opportunities for people of all industries. They specialize in a number of different infrastructure, to include drilling software and technology and they also provide all your rigs to people who need them.

So how did Tony Petrello rise to prominence?

First of all, he has an extensive educational background which includes multiple degrees from Ivy League schools. He achieved his undergrad degree at Yale University. This degree, a bachelors of science, set him on the path toward higher education. He later went on to achieve his Masters of science from Yale University as well. Further, he went on to receive his JD from Harvard Law school.

In addition to being a leader of the board on Nabors industries, Tony Petrello serves on a number of other different boards. Some of these boards include directorship on Texas Children’s Hospital board and Stewart and Stevenson LLC. Part of the reason that Petrello is so passionate about serving on the hospital board is that his daughter was born with periventricular leukomalacia. as a result, Tony and his wife continuously work with the hospital on neurological research in order to push the industry forward so that other people can get the help and healing that they need.

Consider these tips and points of you understand a little bit more about Tony Petrello.

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EOS Lip Balm Ranks Second in Sales in Seven Years of Launch

An upstart called EOS ( has changed the lip balm industry in seven years. EOS, which abbreviates the company’s official name, Evolution of Smooth, has taken a square shot at the titans of the lip balm industry. In the end, this is no minor accomplishment, considering the size of the lip balm industry in the United States and in other countries the world over.

EOS introduced pastel-colored product onto the market in 2010. Unlike traditional brands that come in tubes, EOS lip balm comes in orbs with vibrant colors.

Within very little time, EOS lip balm started appearing on shelves of retail outlets across the United States and in other locales as well. Major U.S. retailers like Walgreens, Costco, Walmart, and Target now stock the product.

Beauty editors at major publications like Cosmo began writing positively about EOS lip balm. These publications have noted that the product has amazing flavors, with great appeal to the public.

Ultimately, famous folks like Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian started popping out and using orbs of EOS lip balm. That spurred even more attention to the product.

In little time, EOS grew into a $250 million enterprise. EOS sales are second only to Burt’s Bees. EOS is now outselling Chapstick and Blistex

At the present time, EOS lip balm sells approximately 1 million units weekly. Industry analyst anticipate that the company will reach the $2 billion mark in sales by 2020.

Before its launch, EOS made the decision to refashion the way lip balm is sold. EOS is committed to engaging all the senses with its product. This includes its innovative round packaging, the colors used for its orbs, the tasty flavors, and the clicking sound the packaging makes when opened and closed. The company has adopted the marketing and advertising tagline of “The lip balm that makes you smile.”

An Independent Technology Judge to Determine Securus Technology’s Superiority Ratio over Global Tel Link (GTL)

There is no question as to the superiority of Securus Technology to GTL. We
only want to know the ratio. Some customers said that it is 4:1; we shall
leave that to an independent judge to decide.

It amounts to an insult for GTL to compare itself to Securus Technology
considering the wide margin of superiority Securus Technology enjoys.
Claiming to be on the same level with a superior firm shows that any word
coming from GTL should never be taken serious. This situation forced
Securus Technology to throw a challenge at GTL that will see an independent
technology judge determine between them who has a better customer service metrics, who has a larger and better product set, who has invested more, and who has a more modern/high tech/efficient/sophisticated calling

Securus Technology rise in profile is not by accident. They worked they way
up the ladder of success. To get to the height they are at the moment, they
had to invest over $700 million into their business acquiring companies,
product development and technologies including a US Customer Service Center and a state of the art Technology. GTL though have lofty dreams but are without the willpower to pay the price; they still make do with older, less
feature-rich, less efficient, primarily premise-based systems, and not
fully centralized processing systems.

Securus Technology does not beg to be mentioned in any comment by GTL as
its customers already know its worth considering the quality services it
offers. GTL will do well to turn down the challenge or pick it and soiled
its image further. While declining to go for a challenge, it has to tender
an apology and stop making bogus and false claims henceforth. We live in a
free world; if it wants to get to the level of Securus Technology and rob
shoulders then it should pay the price in terms of investing more and
giving the customers better service. In short, borrow a leaf from Securus


Securus Technologies remains the leading provider of criminal and civil
justice technology solutions for public safety, monitoring, investigation
and corrections. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas with several
branches in the United State and all over North America. Connecting with
what matters has always been its priority.

We Punish Our Hair With Chemicals; WEN By Chaz Provides The Healthy Repair

Chemical treatments can curl, color and straighten hair in no time but at what cost?

We all like our hair to appear a certain way, and usually that requires a little chemical magic, so to speak.

Chemicals are strong, harsh and act quickly to alter our hair structure. Perming, relaxing, bleaching and coloring are all incredible processes that can allow our mane to look glam and on-trend. The only problem, these treatments do a number on our strands, and within a few weeks, our tresses can become brittle, weak, dull and limp.

The fastest way to repair damaged hair is to cut it and maintain a salon routine. As important are the hair care products we choose to feed our mane its necessary nutrients. If you’re buying drugstore shampoos and conditioners, you’re probably adding even more chemicals to your already chemically processed locks. Detergents like sulfates might add lather to your cleansing, but these are weakening your mane.

That’s why famous celebrity stylist Chaz Dean,, invented his iconic WEN by Chaz hair care brand. His products are pure and based on natural fruit and botanical extracts. There are zero sulfates in any bottle of WEN by Chaz. Instead, the entire line is full of healthy ingredients without a lather, and yet, these unique cleansing conditioners do the ultimate hair care job. WEN by Chaz restores strength, shine and manageability to hair of every type.

There are plenty of WEN products to select from, and all of them smell spectacular. Consider the Amazon best selling Sweet Almond Mint, Lavender or Pomegranate. His line offers hair products that not only cleanse, but boost, style and treat your entire mane. You will notice a major hair change after one use. Forty million bottles have been sold in the last 16 years. Need we say more? Visit the website or to order online!


The Presidential Debate On Wikipedia

Donald Trump will officially become the 45th president of the United States when he is inaugurated on January 20th of 2017. At this time all of the social media accounts belonging to the president will be transitioned to him. When it comes to Wikipedia this becomes a bit more complicated. Although Wikipedia is an encyclopedia sourced for crowds it appears the users can’t decide when the official office will be taken over by Donald Trump. Even though anyone is capable of editing the pages the inaugural date must be decided first. The presidential page on Wikipedia has been going back and forth as to whether Donald Trump or Barack Obama is actually the current president of the United States.

In just one morning the Wikipedia page has changed no less than eight times. Some believe that since Barack Obama only remains in the office as president until January 20th of 2017 the page needs updating. Others believe that until noon on that day the president is still Barack Obama. Since the page is protected only specific editors are allowed to make any changes. At this point the editors may be envisioning the days of print encyclopedia. At that point in time there would not have been an issue. As of 12:01 P.M. om January 20th of 2017 the page shows that Donald Trump is now the official president of the United States.

Wikipedia is an amazing source for any business who is interested in managing their reputation online. Get your Wiki means there are editing services available at Wikipedia who take all of the hassles out of creating your own page. This gives you a professional advantage and opportunities regarding your personal or business online presence. You are able to brand or edit your business. Your Wikipedia page can actually improve your reputation or that of your business. You are adding credibility, prestige and authenticity to your brand and your business. You are gaining a presence on a highly credible website that showcases your business with dignity. This can result in an increase in your sales and heighten your visibility with the search engines. Due to the prime spots held by Google’s search pages your business gets an SEO boost at no cost. Wikipedia can improve your businesses reputation so there will never be a better time to Get Your Wiki.